Asian Doll – Dead Man Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-08-07

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Asian Doll (Asian De Brat) unveils new jam, “Dead Man Freestyle”. Listen, watch the video, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song.

Asian Doll Dead Man Freestyle

Asian Doll Dead Man Freestyle

After a failed stint on Gucci Mane’s label, Asian Doll has been slowly carving her own lane in the rap game, especially now that she’s on an independent tip. The Dallas-bred rapper has been killing it over the past few years with a consistent run. But in recent months, she’s taken things back to square one with loosies and freestyle videos. Last week, she arrived with a cut-throat record titled, “Dead Man Freestyle.” With a vicious instrumental backing her cooked up by RicoRunDat, Asian Doll leaves no room for a hook eats up the beat in less than two minutes. Asian Doll puts a sex-posi twist to her gangsta demeanour and in-your-face flow.

Asian Doll – Dead Man Freestyle

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Uh-huh, ay
Why’d I go crazy on this shit?
(Run that up, Rico)
Stupid ass
Talkin like a gangster, you a dead man
Yeah I’m on it

You niggas ain’t my niggas
So when you see me, ay, don’t talk to me
I was with some bitches in Toronto on a private beach
You speaking on my pockets when I’m up
This pussy talk for me
I ain’t going back and forth with bitches who don’t wanna meet
He gon whoop that cash out, bitch I got my hand out
I don’t give a fuck about no hoe because I stand out
He gon bring them bands out
Ima bring my friends out
We just want the money
Tryna love me? Nigga, sit down
Bad bitch, when he get a pocket, spend that
Nigga telling me he love me, wanna take me out to dinner
I don’t want him, I don’t need him
Best believe that, I mistreat him
In his pocket, like a wallet, make your nigga take me shopping
Dick ain’t loyal if he fucking bitches by the boatload
He gon’ wanna blame it on his homie, that a bro code
Since that nigga stank me, I been on that straight beast mode
They scream “Asian doll!” while I’m shopping out in Soho
Grown bitch, [?], you can’t trust a bitch who loose
Money longer than a pool stick
Niggas fake, niggas flop
[?] fucked the opp
G’d up like some Gucci socks
You wanna see this Cochise pop
Dead man
If you rich and if you clutching, you a dead man
If you talking like you gangster, you a dead man
Tryna run up like you crazy, then you dead man
Dead man
Walk it how I talk it
Pocket swole up with your dead friends
Walking on me, niggas cold hearted
Bitches feeling
Roll a ounce, smoke a ounce, waiting on the mail man
Bitch you talking like you with it, you a dead man
Talking all that fucking shit
Bitches ain’t on shit
Niggas ain’t on shit
Ain’t gon’ never gon be on shit

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