Azealia Banks – Murda She Wrote (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-01-26

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Azealia Banks is here with “Murda She Wrote”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song produced by Hudson Mohawke.

Azealia Banks Murda She Wrote

Azealia Banks Murda She Wrote

Azealia Banks is your problematic fave. The ever-outspoken rapper has continued to stir up controversy whenever possible. In the past few weeks, she became a trending topic after appearing to dig up her dead cat to cook in a stew. She also revealed that she owns a 6-year-old’s skull which certainly took people aback.

Thankfully, in the midst of all of the madness, she’s back with some new music. The rapper and creative released her new single, aptly titled, “Murda She Wrote” this weekend which is in collaboration with producer Hudson Mohawke. Banks weaves through the production with ferocity and multi-syllabic rhyme schemes over the pulsating and sinister club-influenced production from Mohawke.

Azealia Banks – Murda She Wrote (prod. Hudson Mohawke)


Murder, murder, m-m murder murder
That’s what she wrote

[Verse 1]
Harlem little diva
Cruise the streets in the Ghost
I got the butter leather seats
Bonita’s grippin’ the toast
Imma squeeze it like a kegel
Niggas pussy for sure

Murder, murder, m-m murder murder
That’s what she wrote

Everyday these niggas fucking with me, think I’m a joke
‘Til Chiquita pull banana clips up out the cloak
Imma bust these niggas top off like a bottle of Moet

Murder, murder, m-m murder murder
That’s what she wrote

Chickens cluckin’, niggas duckin’
These niggas don’t want that smoke
Papi chulo got them kilos
Them kilos up in the boat
La Femme Nikita, got the Eagle
The leather blue

Murder, murder, m-m murder murder, that’s what she wrote

Niggas be bitches but don’t got no bitches as vicious
How you lovin’ these niggas?
Suspicious with feminine wristses
What’s the interest with niggas
With pendants with diamonds up in them?
[?] stuntin’ them gimmicks
Niggas be faking that image

Murder, murder, m-m murder murder
That’s what she wrote

Got these niggas, niggas fucking tr*nnies up in the low
Talking money but when you asking they gotta go
Niggas think it’s funny, but I see that they switchin’ codes
Y’all niggas bitches, y’all shimmer just like some pearls
I could tell y’all niggas bitches, y’all tryna be like them girls
I can see these niggas pussy they wet up in-in they curl
Check the records I been that girl
Got the heat up on the fever
Feel the flames see the smoke
From the ashes like a phoenix
Watch me rise I’m the pope
You little ashy bitches gassed up but can’t fuck with the G.O.A.T

Throw up my strikes like some Adidas
I battle demons
I’m Xena with the sword I slice these niggas
Chicago Deep Dish, and eat them
Grind these niggas into sausage, they pepperoni. chorizo
Jeffrey Dahmer wit’ your comma
I feed you back to your momma

Murder, that’s what she wrote nigga
Suck a dick nigga, choke nigga

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