Bali Baby – Bad Ass B*tch (remix) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-05-26

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Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics to the remix of Bali Baby’s “Bad Ass B*tch” song.

Bali Baby Bad Ass Btch (remix)

Bali Baby Bad Ass Btch (remix)

The rap game has seen an influx of women who’ve been really killing shit in recent times. Though artists like Nicki, Cardi, and Megan Thee Stallion are in the limelight, the underground still has a few names buzzing. Bali Baby is among them. The Atlanta star has been proving to be a visionary in her own right while consistently dropping.

This week, she returned with her new track, “Bad Ass Bitch (Remix).” Her airy voice contrasts the thumping bass production of the track as he delivers a trap triplet-flow. She glides on the production with attitude and swagger and showcases her wordplay throughout the track.

Bali Baby – Bad Ass B*tch (remix)


Duh-dun, bitch (Mwah)

Bad ass bitch, I’ma talk my shit (Talk it)
Spent a couple thou’ to ice my wrist (Ice, ice)
Bitches runnin’ off, my flow too sick (You gone)
Copy the drip ’cause I got the [?] (Copy the drip)
Yeah, I see you watchin’ (Ooh, you lookin’)
Whatever I’m rockin’, I see you coppin’ (You copped it)
Them Benjamins flockin’ (Flockin’)
Runnin’ out the door ’cause it ain’t an option
Broke bitches steady hoppin’ (You hoppin’)
Only fuckin’ wit’ you ’cause you is poppin’
Stop tryna keep up, yeah, there ain’t no topic
Flexin’ that money but that’s from her [?]
Hahaha, I’m mockin’, yeah
What you gonna do, just walk it off
Hop on Twitter just to talk it out
I pull up on you, you like, “Oh my god
Damn Bali, that’s you?” (It is)
My niggas guerrillas, I pull up wit’ zoos (Goodbye)
I don’t pity a fool (I can’t)
Don’t reach for the chain, you might catch the flu (Achoo)
Ooh, ooh, check out my pockets, yeah, they full of blues
Ooh, uh, these bitches is bears, they singin’ the blues
I am a horse, you is a mule (You is a mule)
So carry my food (Carry that), mm
Boss bitch, I’m the head of this shit, I’ma take you to school (Take you to-)
I got my dog, I think I might walk it
Talk it just like I back it up and pop it
He got a [?], his neck [?] (I love it)
Bali Baby, trending topic (It’s me)
I got a [?] ’cause I’m frozen, don’t watch it
All on my dick ’cause I’m postin’ a hot pic (Hoe)
They can’t stand when I’m rappin’ my mosh (Don’t care)
Hop on the stage and they makin’ a mosh pit (Jump)
“Bali Baby, I’m your biggest fan
I got all your music, I’m your biggest stan” (I love you)
I’m rockin’ out, I don’t got a band
She keepin’ it up like she Dirty Dan
You fuckin’ her raw, you a dirty man (Dirty)
Slimy niggas wit’ a dirty hand (Dirty)
Look in my purse, that’s thirty bands (Thirty)
I know that hurt ’cause I heard you ran (You gone)

I heard you ran, you gone (Aha)
I heard you ran, you gone, bitch

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