Bas Unveils Single “Ho Chi Minh” Alongside Emotional Visuals (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-30

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American rapper, Bas premieres the music video for the song, “Ho Chi Minh” produced by Kel P. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track, mp3 download.

Dreamville’s own Bas, known for his distinctive lyrical style and introspective storytelling, has dropped yet another captivating single titled “Ho Chi Minh.” This new release is a precursor to his upcoming fourth album, “We Only Talk About Real Sh*t When We’re F**ked Up.”

“Ho Chi Minh” is a reflective track that delves into themes of self-discovery, internal struggles, and the complexities of life. The song’s title references the city in Vietnam, which becomes a metaphor for the battles we face within ourselves. Bas’ lyrical prowess shines as he questions his own journey and contemplates the significance of his choices.

The track’s production, helmed by the talented Kel P, perfectly complements Bas’ contemplative verses. Emotional piano keys and warped vocals create a haunting backdrop for the rapper’s introspective musings. The result is a song that resonates with listeners on a deep and personal level.

Bas’ ability to convey vulnerability and authenticity through his music has garnered him a dedicated fanbase. With “Ho Chi Minh,” he continues to solidify his reputation as an artist who isn’t afraid to explore the depths of his emotions and experiences.

The release of “Ho Chi Minh” follows Bas’ successful singles “Diamonds” and “Passport Bros,” showcasing his versatility as an artist. As fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming album, Bas continues to demonstrate his prowess as a lyricist and storyteller, making “Ho Chi Minh” another standout addition to his discography.

Bas – Ho Chi Minh (prod. Kel P)

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29 August 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Dreamville/Interscope

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She asked me “Aren’t you exhausted”
I said “That’s what they make drugs, for isn’t it?”
Please don’t judge, I need your love while I’m still in it
Vision blurrin’, that’s how I know that I’m feelin’ it
Are you hearin’ it?
God whispers, guide me to a higher plane
How I came down back to earth and got high again
I done gained nothin’ but pain in this form
I could find warmth, but I stayed in the storm, yeah
Look in my eyes, viewer discretion is advised
Only time I feel alive when I’m on the shit
Standard of livin’ so high, penthouse suite and we aligned
How the feelin’ so divine it get hard to kick
Yeah, it’s lonely, I’m holdin’ strong, I keep it calm
‘Cause they love me, I’m Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam
Oh it’s lonely, I’m holdin’ strong, I keep it calm
‘Cause they love me, I’m Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam
Look I’m in control, Napalm in my soul
I bomb let it burn, how long ’til my turn come?
Who gon’ bleed with me in a war of one?
Who my enemy? I’m the only one
Self destruction is imminent, dimmin’ my light
I been livin’ my life like the cinemas
Picture me rollin’, cue the Serotonin
I been runnin’, low but it keep me in the moment
Damn it feel golden, neck and wrist golden
Beauty in the eye of the holder
And man, I been holdin’ and holdin’ and holdin’ and holdin’ on

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