Belly – American Nightmare (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-04-23

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Palestinian-Canadian rapper, Belly premieres the music video for the “American Nightmare” track co-produced by Hit-Boy, DannyBoyStyles & Nick Lamb. Listen, stream, buy the song.

Belly American Nightmare

Belly American Nightmare

The wait is over and Belly is back. In the past two years since he released See You Next Wednesday, the rapper’s confirmed that he plans to retire in the near future. Fortunately, he has a few albums in the cut before he does. This morning, Belly returned with his latest single, “American Nightmare,” a new collaboration with Hit-Boy. The “Might Not” rapper sounds as revitalized as ever, gliding through the horn-centric production with command and high energy. Along with Hit-Boy, Nick Lamb and DannyBoyStyles share co-production credits on “American Nightmare.”

With politically-charged bars, the rapper kicks off the campaign for Mumble Rap 2 due out on May 19th. On “American Nightmare,” he delves deep into the targeting of the Middle Eastern community across the U.S. “Coming from a place that the media constantly demonizes, I wanted to express how proud I am of being not only an Arab, but someone who’s been able to set an example for young Arabs everywhere,” he explained. “The Arabian Dream, feels like the American Nightmare sometimes but we’d rather be dreamers. It’s easy to be patient when you know what you’re destined for.”

Belly has undoubtedly earned his reputation as a writer, from penning some of The Weeknd’s biggest hits to his own hit records. However, Mumble Rap 2, which will be executive produced by Hit-Boy, will remind fans of his proficiencies as an MC, which are on full display on “American Nightmare.” “With the first Mumble Rap I had already had a hit record and I wanted to remind people not to forget, where I actually come from & that I really do this,” he said of his upcoming project in a statement.

Belly – American Nightmare (prod. Hit-Boy, DannyBoyStyles & Nick Lamb)

21 April 2023
11 Songs, 26 minutes
℗ 2023 XO | Roc Nation Records, LLC

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What we’ve seen here today has been absolutely disgusting
For the first time we’re watching a war happen somewhere the people look like you and me
Blues eyes, blonde hair (Hit-Boy)

[Verse 1]
I’m Donnie Darko (Woo), I’m drunk (Ayy)
Swerve down a dark road (Yeah)
How fast can the car go with a trunk full of cargo? (Woo)
I pull off in Barstow (Barstow)
I call up Carlo, he call up Marco (Allo?)
Bet the drugs got a barcode
Man, this shit done made my heart cold (Woo)
Pull up, I’m makin’ a drop off (Skrr)
She mad that I’m makin’ a stop off (Bitch)
I’m in the drop gettin’ topped off (Woo)
She never wanna get droppеd off (No)
I put the Molly on her tongue (Ayy)
Shе said it burn just like hot sauce (Whoo)
They lettin’ them shots off (Bah-bah-bah)
Now they tapin’ your block off (Brr)
Give a fuck how you feel (How you feel), you ain’t real, you a knockoff
Even your own bitch know that you all on my dick, hop off
Five mil’ for the Cali’ crib, middle finger to my old neighbors
I put out an album called IMMIGRANT, I’m in the country with no papers (Shh, haha)

Said if there’s smoke, I’ll be right there
All of my dawgs don’t fight fair
I’m the Arabian dream, ho
I’m the American nightmare
They left me to die in the darkness
I was ahead by lightyears
I’m the Arabian dream, ho
I’m the American nightmare (Nightmare! Who’s this? Why you’re dressing like this! Who do you think you are…)

[Verse 2]
Shut the fuck up, let me ride in silence (Shh)
With a whole magazine, ho, I subscribe to violence (Bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah)
She stackin’ up money, yeah, but she rackin’ her mileage (Rack it up, rack it up)
She payin’ for collagen but she won’t pay for college (She won’t)
I ain’t no Nostradamus, he thinkin’ he got him a goddess (He got him a what?)
All of these model Madonnas just look like each other, I promise (Ha)
She askin’ for Birkins, but really she twerkin’ for dollars (Ayy)
I ain’t judgin’, I’m just bein’ honest

Said if it’s smoke, I’ll be right there
All of my dawgs don’t fight fair
I’m the Arabian dream, ho
I’m the American nightmare
They left me to die in the darkness
I was ahead by lightyears
I’m the Arabian dream, ho
I’m the American nightmare

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 3]
Woo, woo
I reach the top then I free fall
Dawg, my life like a seesaw
They really thought I would fade away
Fuck ’em all, I’ma ball ’til the league call (Yeah)
Bitch, you a hater by default (Bitch)
Got a heart full of sea salt (Ew)
I’d die for the shit that I’m livin’ for
Lord, my life like a metaphor (Woo)
Every day, I wake up and the world different (Woo)
Dark addictions, really have my nerve twitchin’ (Woo)
Had my momma cryin’ and my girl trippin’
Quit the pill poppin’ and the syrup sippin’ (Damn)
Fuck it, I took some L’s (Well)
But losin’ yourself is the worst mixture (Woo)
Jealousy, envy, the worst mixture (Yeah)
Enemies actin’ like family, feel like the devil in church with you (Lord)
Gotta pray, man, this shit is the real deal
I married the game (Ayy)
But the wedding just ended up lookin’ like Kill Bill
I hold no ill will (Lord) but your shit doesn’t feel real
Who got the juice? I used to shoot, bitch, fuck around and I still will


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