Betty Jobando – “Ni Yako Bwana”

Betty Jobando - Ni Yako Bwana

East African gospel singer, unveils a new track titled “”. Stream, buy, mp3 download.

Betty Jobando Ni Yako Bwana
Betty Jobando Ni Yako Bwana

A new song by East African anointed gospel music singer, Betty Jobando (Ni Yako Bwana) is now available.

The song title, ‘Ni Yako Bwana’ is in the Swahili language with a blend of English which means ‘It’s your’s Lord.’ It has a deep message telling us to give our all to the Lord our God.


This song is power-packed and full of God’s divine presence. You can’t listen to this song without connecting to the reality that our God, unlike men, science, voodoo dolls and other man-made God’s is the Most Supreme and He deserves our all.

‘Ni Yako Bwana’ would be a blessing to you as You stream and listen.

Betty’s social media handles:@bettyjobando Instagram; @bettyjobando Twitter; Betty Jobando Favord Facebook.

Betty Jobando – Ni Yako Bwana


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