Bigg Unccc – Letter To Flippa (Audio)

Date 2022-01-30

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Bigg Unccc unveils the song, “Letter To Flippa”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download.

Bigg Unccc Letter To Flippa

Bigg Unccc Letter To Flippa

It’s been a couple of months since the tragic loss of Memphis’ hometown hero Young Dolph, but for those closest to him, the wound is still incredibly fresh. Artists and peers, specifically Gucci Mane and Key Glock, have crafted tracks dedicated to their fallen associate and close friend. Glcok even got a chain memorializing the rapper he saw as a “big brother.” Fans around the world can still be cited speaking about the impact Dolph left, the music he made, and the interactions he shared with the community inside and outside of his place of origin.

Dolph had a massive role in people’s lives, with an exceptionally life-changing impact on the artists he was bringing up to follow in his footsteps. Paper Route Empire, Young Dolph’s budding music group, is full of rising stars and talents developing into something bigger than they know at this current juncture. Dolph found the growth of artists from his own area to be incredibly important, so he provided PRE with the essential groundwork and foundation for exponential growth and success.

One of these artists, Bigg Unccc, took time to speak on his own feelings about the tragic situation.

On the track “Letter To Flippa,” a cut from PRE’s tribute album Long Live Dolph, Bigg Unccc got candid and open about his emotions. He spoke in detail about the circumstances that lead to Dolph reaching out to him and how grateful he is for his presence. Like the majority of the tracks on Long Live Dolph, the story showcases how much Dolph meant to those around him and the lengths he would go to ensure their success.

Bigg Unccc – Letter To Flippa

Quotable Lyrics

But you had reached out and you came and saved a n***a,
You told me to rap and you told me “Be patient, n***a,
But I was tryna turn these n***as to patients,
But you didn’t wanna listen, now my heart is vacant

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