Boosie Badazz – Rocketman (Remix) (ft. Young Jeezy, Kodak Black) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2023-05-02

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Boosie Badazz releases the remix of the “Rocketman” song featuring Young Jeezy, Kodak Black. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

Jeezy is one of the biggest legends in hip-hop. Moreover, the same could be said about someone like Boosie. From there, you can then say that Kodak Black is a legend in regard to the new generation of rappers. Overall, all of these artists have made huge contributions to the genre and the culture at large. However, these three have never appeared on a song all together. Of course, this shouldn’t be extremely surprising. Although we’re sure there is someone out there who has at least fantasized about it.

Well, now, it has appeared to happen. If you remember, Boosie dropped the song “Rocketman” a few months back. Fans loved the track as it showed Boosie at his most lyrical. There were some solid bars to be found here, and the production was also incredibly solid. Now, however, Boosie has dropped a remix to the track, and it features the likes of Kodak Black and Jeezy. This is an exciting prospect for many reasons, and the result is simply incredible.

The foundation of the track largely remains the same here. However, with Jeezy and Kodak Black in the fold, we get that extra oomph. Although, it is clear that Jeezy is the star of this remix. His verse is incredible, and his voice still sounds amazing all these years later. That is not to say Kodak doesn’t also do his thing. Overall, he sounds amazing here as well.

Boosie Badazz – Rocketman (Remix) (ft. Young Jeezy, Kodak Black)

28 April 2023
1 Song, 7 minutes
℗ 2023 Badazz Music/Connect Music, distributed by Connect Music


[Intro: Boosie Badazz & Jeezy]
Rocketman (Rocketman)
Rocketman (Rocketman)
Rocketman, rocketman, rocketman (Rocketman)
Rocketman, rocketman
Rocketman, rocketman (Put your cups up)
Rocketman, rocketman (Light the blunt up)
Rocketman, rocketman (Rocketman)
Rocketman, rocketman

[Verse 1: Boosie Badazz]
I drop an album and I hope they cop it (Hope they cop it)
I drop a movie and I hope they watch it (Hope they watch it)
If they refusin’, I think losin’ and think ’bout a rocket (Feel lost)
My life confused, it feel like they usin’ me, ’cause I got it
Raised ’bout it, ’bout it, damn shame, I never thought to cop it (Fat-ass)
Fuck them flowers, they done put my flowers in the garbage
Puttin’ all these rappers ‘fore me, and I ain’t speakin’ honest
On top of that, when shit be real, they don’t speak about it
Made me close my eyes, tell my nigga “Go and start the rocket” (Start the rocket)
These kids real out their mind, it’s another time (Another time)
His sister fuckin’ grown men, his granny thirty-five (Thirty-five)
He got his time, now he no longer won’t throw a sign (Throw a sign)
‘Cause them niggas ain’t send him nothin’, since he got to dyin’
To all the step, you ain’t tired of seein’ your mama cryin’?
Let’s keep it real, you ain’t tired of seein’ your partners dyin’?
Leave all that jealous out the window, we can all win
Everybody can’t be the star, you gotta fall in (Fall in)
Love the ones you really love, ’cause they leave you fast (They leave you fast)
I think about a rocket ship, when the G’s pass
Easy, it ain’t never been, for my gutter friends (My gutter friends)
And God forgive every sin, so they bust again
Strugglin’ (Strugglin’), shit, we’ve been doin’ that shit since alphabets
Hustlin’ (Hustlin’), shit, all that shit there come from Dad and them
Rocketman, this song’ll put you in your feelings
If you look at Qua’ and Take’ on them pictures, that’s lil’ nigga
Can I vent again?
Would you agree with me, this world too damn feminine?
If he was broke, would he still be your friend again?
Yeah, that’s the question you ask
Is that woman only for you, with her sexy lil’ ass?
They throwin’ the RICO out like it’s a weed charge (Hold on)
Takin’ niggas raps, tryna make ’em leave for it
Last night, I prayed for Brittney Griner, I was in my feelings
‘Cause you ain’t saved your sentence, rush an opp another billion
Dirty lottery tickets, man, I’m tryna hit the buildin’
Feel it in my heart, God’ll bless me, I’m a real one (Man)
So this one for the children
Broke, it ain’t hopeless, rather go nowhere
Wishin’ Boosie-boo was they dad, so they can go there
All the friends like me who chose my life, they got nowhere
These Boosie shoes can’t be fitted, fit your pair
Best know the game, ’cause the pain you get to it
Your family’ll steal from you, ‘fore your bitch would
Long live Takeoff

[Chorus: Boosie Badazz & Jeezy]
This world makes me wanna fly away now, rocketman
I need the whole world to sing this shit with me (Let’s go)
I got all these chains on me, like a rocketman (Put your cups up)
Rocketman, rocketman (Rocketman)
Rocketman (Rocketman), rocketman (Yeah, let’s go)
Rocketman, rocketman (Yeah, yeah, let’s go)

[Verse 2: Jeezy]
I’ve been through so much in my life, could make the preacher cry
So many bricks up in this bag’ll get the preacher high (Woo)
This for my niggas, caught a charge and went to court today (Court today)
They gave him forty-two, twenty came up short today (Damn)
Kids killin’ kids, damn, twelve years old (Old)
And Bill just eleven, twelve years froze (Yeah)
My lil’ nigga from the bock, he just did a dub (Dub)
He hit me up for a verse, I had to show him love (Yeah)
I lost a million on the road, that made my heart hurt (Damn)
Ain’t nothin’ lazy about me, nigga, I make that hard work (Yeah)
I see my nigga layin’ stiff and I ain’t shed a tear (A tear)
Done lost twelve of my partners in a half a year
The other day, I lost my nigga, plus my auntie sick (Auntie sick)
Them niggas killed my nigga, robbed him for a half a brick
Woke up that morning, fuck them chains, it’s ’bout some choppers, nigga (Yeah)
We toastin’ champagne, while they layin’ with doctors, nigga (Haha)
This ain’t a movie, dawg, nah, we ain’t actors, nigga
Damn right, I got it on me, they killin’ rappers, hitter
Pray for the babies (Babies), world’s goin’ crazy too (Woo)
Bricks, ’bout eighty of them (Yeah), plugs be shady, yeah (Yeah)
Miss my mama, yeah (Yeah), my sweet [?] (Yeah)
Used to keep them angels on (Angels), over your baby (Yeah)
I took too many losses (Too many losses)
Too many balls I’m fightin’ (Yeah)
Too many things, that’s why I’m (Ayy), red diamond crosses, ’til they
Rains, it pours, nigga (Pours, nigga), steppin’ in Dior’s, nigga (Yeah)
Wanna go get it, nigga? Take it, it’s yours, nigga (Ayy)
Another homicide, nigga (‘Cide, nigga), another mama cried, nigga (Yeah)
Another uncle died, nigga (Damn), fuck it, got a side (Ayy)
You got money for war, but can’t feed the poor (Feed the poor)
Might move to South Florida, them bricks washin’ ashore (Haha)
Yeah, Noah built the ark, well, I’m ’bout to build a rocket (Damn)
So I can get the fuck up out of here, go and hang with ‘Pac and shit
Plus, I heard it ain’t no opps up there (Talk that shit)
And they gon’ give me my props up there (Talk that shit)
Might just ship a couple drops up there (Talk that shit)
Might just own a few blocks up there, talk that shit (Talk to ’em, nigga)

[Chorus: Boosie Badazz, Jeezy & Both]
Rocketman (Long live Takeoff)
This world makes me wanna fly away now, rocketman (Yeah, yeah)
I need the whole world to sing this shit with me (Yeah, yeah)
I got all these chains on me, like a rocketman (Yeah, yeah)
Put your cups up (Long live)
Rocketman, rocketman (Rocketman)
Rocketman (Rocketman), rocketman (Rocketman)
Rocketman, rocketman

[Verse 3: Kodak Black]
The dope ain’t really strong, but a good fright, ’cause it’s a drought
So I’ma get this brick and flip it real quick and see how it pay out
I was at my homeboy crib, got no money or food, back at the house
And these raps couldn’t pay no bills, so I bust that move and made a route
Just fell out with my homie, right now, that’s all I’m thinkin’ ’bout
He smacked somethin’, felt like he deserved more than he get
Hate to fall off with my dawg, ’cause now I gotta put you down
Think all the richest still real, that money turned you to a clown
Sometimes, my feel won’t lost here in the spot that I would’ve found
Burnin’ up shit ’round town, oh, yeah
Cuffin’ on licks with my round, oh, yeah
Funkin’ on shit, out of bounds, oh, yeah


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