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Brymo ‘Olawale’ makes huge comeback with “Johnbull”

BrymO - Johnbull

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Listen and Download Mp3 to the most recent song by Brymo (Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ) titled “JohnBull”.

Brymo "Johnbull"

Brymo returns with a brand new folk-inspired single titled “Johnbull” to quench the thirst of music followers that have been downcast as a result of the thirst for the singer’s unique sound.

Brymo! “Johnbull” which is about the story of a young man who is thoroughly missed by his parent after going on a journey for a long time is graced with Brymo’s excellent vocals and fantastic instrumentation. As expected from the former Chocolate City singer, the lyrics are top-notch.
The title of the song might remind you of an old-classic song usually sung in this part of the world to mock an unintelligent student/pupil, it is however totally different from it. This is a masterpiece!




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