Busta Rhymes – Czar (remix) (ft. CJ, M.O.P.) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2021-01-22

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Busta Rhymes returns with the remix to “Czar” featuring CJ, M.O.P. Listen, watch the video, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Rockwilder.

Busta Rhymes Czar (remix)

Busta Rhymes Czar (remix)

Today, rap veteran Busta Rhymes unleashed the visualizer for the remix of his collab with the hip hop duo M.O.P. featuring an added verse from CJ, the Staten Island newcomer best known for his viral hit “Whoopty.” The track was featured on the deluxe version of Rhymes’ 2020 album Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God released a month after the standard edition in November.

For the visual, the New York-based acts stuck to a more classic and clean black-and-white visual, a staunch contrast to the gaudy and grandiose video for the original version of the track. For the video, the acts reinforce their status as hip hop royalty with their signature aggressive and pristine delivery. The visual’s classic feel and monochromatic aesthetic helps accentuate the chemistry between the emcees as they deliver their respective bars.

Busta Rhymes – Czar (remix) (ft. CJ, M.O.P.) (prod. Rockwilder)

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Czar is a title used to designate supreme rulers
It is known as to be equivalent to king
Or to be somewhat between a royal
An imperial rank
The last person to have worn the title Czar

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes, Lil Fame]
Look, they don’t get it (Haha)
Now, watch a nigga set it, they never comin’ to shred it
With rubies all on my rings like Thanos present
I’m tired of talking to niggas that get no credit (Oh)
You get no debit (Oh), watch the way we improve
Hate the way that we move
We need a whole second (What’s up?) to talk about you niggas
You need a new helmet (Haha)
Crash dummies you niggas you need a new exit
And whip a private plane, getting head from the flight attendant
I got ’em all like the navy seals in the Air Force
(Take chains off, everything off)
Private flyin’ a plane and make him change course
I don’t play sports, Your whole claim false
Now, niggas gonna learn and brown niggas with the fire
Niggas respect me and chill and go make more records with Mariah
They only gonna give us some more, take my niggas on tour
If you niggas unsure, I’ma give you the raw
Watch the way we sweep up shit, peep the way we clean up shit
Classic album is present, peep the way we heat up shit
Masterpiece project peep the way a nigga beat up shit
If you think niggas think you fuckin’ with us better speak up bitch

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
So far, shawties throw they bra
And I need the lighter to light the perfect cigar
Brand new jet (Jet), brand new car (Car)
Leader of the new shit (Brra), brand new Czar (Czar)

[Post-Chorus: Lil Fame & Busta Rhymes]
Blast on foes, blast get frozed
Do that boy ugly, casket closed
Spazz on fours, remind these niggas
Homie its gat time, flat line these niggas
Fame ain’t fair, the game ain’t fair
If you google who gives a fuck, my name ain’t there
Brand new stalls, brand new bars
With the leader of the new school, brand new Czar

[Verse 2: Billy Danze]
Brand new everything, ‘cept for the bop
New leader of the old school, brand new Glock
I’m with Brownsville, three hundred hoe, let it pop
I’m Cornelius in the Zoo, ape shit, ah, ah, ah
I’m connected to the shooters who influence
You lames in the rap game, this is seat belt music
Gave him the hit, chain him to a fence
Give him a trumpets, ram him with the Buick (Vroom)

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
So far, shawties throw they bra
And I need the lighter to light the perfect cigar
Brand new jet (Jet), brand new car (Car)
Leader of the new shit (Brra), brand new Czar (Czar)
(Uh, uh, uh, uh)

[Verse 3: CJ (Lil Fame)]
We outside (Oh), you run hide (Oh)
Watch us ride, watch you die (Oh)
Everything new (Oh), everything bool (Oh)
Bang these fools, then we take they jewels (Oh)
Straight to the top wit it, these niggas not wit it
First nigga pop wit it, first to get dropped wit it
Busta back to back, uh, we go strap for strap
Leader of this trap with this heater on my lap
Busta what we doing? These niggas be losing
We be making movies and these jewels be hittin’ stupid
We running the city, uh, dancin’ like I’m Diddy, uh
Signing all these titties but I still be moving gritty
Wish I could bring Pop back, let the Glock clap (Grrah)
Let the Glock clap (Grrah), let the Glock clap (Grrah)
Step up in the building (Oh) buy the whole bar (Oh)
Leader of the new shit (Oh), I’m the young Czar (young Czar)

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
So far, shawties throw they bra
And I need the lighter to light the perfect cigar
Brand new jet (Jet), brand new car (Car)
Leader of the new shit (Brra), brand new Czar (Czar)

[Outro: Busta Rhymes, Lil Fame]
Light switch off (Oh), Cuban link cross (Oh)
The shine bright up the evening, diamonds criss-cross (Oh)
If you ain’t out here to find it, time to get lost
In case you niggas ain’t know

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