Cardi B – Bet It (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-11-19

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From the Netflix movie, Bruised, Cardi B takes good care of the “Bet It” track produced by Cool N Dre. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Cardi B Bet It

Cardi B Bet It

Cardi B may not have released much music in 2021, but she’s had a busy year nonetheless. The 29-year-old gave birth to her and Offset’s second child just a few months ago, stole the show at every Paris Fashion Week event she attended, and now, she’s back with a solo track created specially for Halle Berry’s newly released Netflix film, Bruised.

“Cardi, you came through in a big way. We had some issues with our song, we had to get certain rights to use it,” the Catwoman actress told Billboard. “Cardi, being so of her word, didn’t say, ‘Oh, it can’t happen.’ She went the extra mile and you made sure that we got the rights to use the record. I can say, honestly, not everybody would have done that, and I so respect you. You said yes, and you stood by your word.”

Bruised arrived on Netflix on November 17th and also features songs from artists like Flo Milli, Saweetie, City Girls, Young M.A., and more. The film tells the story of a disgraced MMA fighter who finds herself re-entering the cage when she connects with the son she previously gave up as an infant.

Cardi B – Bet It (prod. Cool N Dre)


[Intro: Camilo Sesto, Cardi B]
Un adiós sin razones
Unos años sin valor

[Verse 1]
Ain’t no half-steppin’, all I do is break records
Now I play chess so a bitch can’t checker
Made it out of hell and it’s still gettin’ hectic
And my life is a movie, only Cardi could direct it
Only take cash, they ain’t never gave credit
Had to risk it all in myself so I bet it
Started on the pole, in the end, don’t regret it
They’ll use the past against you if you let it
But I’m back and I’m better, got Henny on the line
Tell her that I have real shit on my mind
‘Cause the clocks start tickin’ from the day I got signed
Million-dollar watch ’cause a bitch got time
They’ll tell you everything ’bout me, but the grind
Tell you there’s a bitch this hot, then they lyin’
If I pay for the streams, why the fuck you ain’t buyin’?
When these hoes start hatin’, these hoes start lying

[Chorus: Camilo Sesto]
Años sin valor

[Verse 2]
I got dressed for the stages, got dressed for the court
Dressed for my husband, told him, “Rip this shit off”
Got dressed for the GRAMMYs, then I left with awards
Hundred-thousand dollar dress left on the floor
They was losin’ they mind when I hit the Met Gala
Tail so long, it dragged thirty minutes after
After the tears, you can get to the laughter
After the bookings, on to the next chapter
Got goals that I want, got goals that I met
Gold on my neck that I froze in baguettes
More movie sets mean more movie checks
‘Cause I live in a mansion, I don’t live in regrets
Plans for the fam, got Kulture the jet
Told us to invest, so the culture is set
Blam-blam-blam, if you posin’ a threat
Never did it for clout, never talked on the set, bitch

[Chorus: Camilo Sesto, Cardi B]
Años sin valor, uh

[Verse 3]
Who they all come get when they want shit charting?
Labels hit me when they wanna break artists
After we break bread, then we get shit started
Obviously they don’t want it, unless Cardi B on it
Then I’m on some shit ’cause I done some shit
Checks on like I just won some shit
Shoot up the charts like I gun some shit
Got a Reebok deal ’cause I run this shit
All the dope boys run all the Wallstreet dudes
Chefs in the mansion, I don’t even buy food
Used to laugh at my raps, sayin’ I would get booed
Now I get a big bag, that’s a big move
From the Bronx to the ‘burbs, make big moves
Rock red bottoms, made ’em big shoes
Pay dues, and I’m so focused
‘Cause the money never made me, bein’ broke did, bitch

[Chorus: Camilo Sesto]
Un adiós sin razones
Unos años sin valor


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