Chris Brown Releases “Nightmares” Music Video from ’11:11′ Album

Date 2023-11-22

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Chris Brown unveils the music video for the “Nightmares” song with Byron Messia. The piece comes off the new ’11:11′ album. The track was co-produced by Nigerian producer, Chopstix & Chris Brown. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the piece of music, mp3 download.

Renowned R&B artist Chris Brown has unveiled the music video for his song “Nightmares” featuring Byron Messia. The track is part of his latest album, ’11:11,’ and was co-produced by Nigerian producer Chopstix and Chris Brown.

Chris Brown Nightmares

Chris Brown Nightmares

Chris Brown is known for his prolific output in the R&B genre, consistently delivering albums with a substantial number of tracks. His recent album, ‘Breezy,’ was no exception, featuring 24 songs and extending to over an hour and 20 minutes. With subsequent deluxe versions and extended editions, the album’s runtime reached almost two hours.

Following this trend, Chris Brown surprised fans by adding 11 more songs to ’11:11,’ making the listening experience even more extensive. “Nightmares” is one of the tracks from this addition, featuring Byron Messia and showcasing an Afrobeat vibe. The song demonstrates Brown’s versatility and willingness to explore different musical directions.

With a production credit from Sean Kingston, “Nightmares” hints at a fusion of R&B and Afrobeat influences. The music video adds a visual dimension to the song, providing a captivating accompaniment to the Afro-infused rhythms and Chris Brown’s smooth vocals. The release of “Nightmares” contributes to the evolving narrative of ’11:11′ and further solidifies Chris Brown’s position as a leading figure in contemporary R&B.

Chris Brown – Nightmares (ft. Byron Messia) (prod. Chopstix & Chris Brown)

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10 November 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 RCA Records, under exclusive license from Chris Brown Entertainment, LLC

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[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Me brother get tied up in the streets, said them can’t leave out
And if you can’t bring the Glock ’round so, then them nah leave out (Yeah)
More time a lone soldier, nah trust no one
If he ever see the pagan them, him turn evil (Yeah)
Him say, “Me depressed, so Henny my medicine”
It’s just me and my Remington
Pigs them want stick around like gelatin
Oh, woah-oh, oh-woah
Battyman, them nah take ‘way your skeleton
Then skrrt up on the main like Hamilton
Road money make him fly like pelican
Ooh, Lord, oh, Lord

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]
Him tell me most High know
My family and me friend them
Most High know
You bring trouble, him gon’ end ’em

[Chorus: Chris Brown, Chris Brown & Byron Messia]
Nightmares, no more dreams
He just don’t believe, he just don’t believe
Nightmares, no more dreams
He just don’t believe, he just don’t believe

[Verse 2: Byron Messia]
Da-da, da-da
Gunshot turn them in a goner
Killer them a travel ‘pon a charter
Fi go start war, ha-ha
A gunshot, we no love chat, have the clutch back
God say me no fi buss back, me say, “Fuck that”
AK with the pan drum in a the truck back
Ever have the ‘K like school youth with a lunch bag

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown, Chris Brown & Byron Messia]
Most High know
My family and me friend them
Most High know
You bring trouble, him gon’ end ’em

[Chorus: Chris Brown, Byron Messia, Chris Brown & Byron Messia]
Nightmares, no more dreams
He just don’t believe, he just don’t believe (He just don’t, he just don’t)
Nightmares, no more dreams
He just don’t believe (He just don’t), he just don’t believe (Don’t)

[Outro: Byron Messia]
He just don’t, oh
Bang-bang, mm
Me say gang-gang
Pussy boy, oh-oh-oh
Me say bang-bang

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