Coast Contra – Never Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-06-24

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Coast Contra officially releases the recorded “Never Freestyle” piece of music for download. Watch the video, listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Coast Contra Never Freestyle

Coast Contra Never Freestyle

Although they have been around for years, Coast Contra is reaching new audiences with the help of major viral moments. This Los Angeles-based quartet of emcees—Eric Jamal, Rio Loz, and twin brothers Ras & Taj Austin—have been on a steady grind as they increase in popularity, and amid anticipation and later praise over their stellar album APT 505, Coast Contra emerged with their “Never Freestyle” video that they released back in February.

In it, each of the group’s four members blaze through their bars, effortlessly delivering witty punchlines that captured the attention of icons like Questlove, LL Cool J, Timbaland, Talib Kweli, Juelz Santana, Swizz Beatz, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kelly Rowland, Alchemist, and JID.

After the clip went viral, CC decided it was time to upload an official version to DSPs this week. To add a bit of oomph to the hype, the group also made their television debut by performing “Never Freestyle” and “Legacy” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it is clear that these musicians are redefining, or at least revisiting, how Hip Hop views Rap groups in today’s culture.

Coast Contra – Never Freestyle

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[Verse 1]
I’m a son of a gun, with sixteen, bite the bullet
My style Russian Roulette, just be careful when you pull it
I had to some pull strings, I wish they was over acoustics
My flow stupid, doofus, I’m the blueprint
The twins is a pair but I’m a 2 for 1
This the moon and the sun, Frank Castle & Big Pun
Ya punishments begun
My split personality, split niggas for fun
The man in the mirror told me to pick a side
I got a different side like a Gemini
Inside, Lives The Bridge to the other side
Follow me down the rabbit hole, where I had to walk on faith
Just like the yellow brick, click, clicking ya heels
Won’t get ya back home, when I come on, so bring it on you rap divas
Tell ya loved ones bye like Felicia, I was spittin’ Ether ‘fore I got a visa
Now I shine down on ’em like the sun in Costa Rica
We glorified truth seekers, Yo soy en El Niño de Oro
Negro y Latino
Here for the people, Colombiano y Africano
Desde egipcio, El faraón with a golden heart
Este flow es bendito

[Verse 2]
For the gang I go to bat (Yo, where’s Bruce Wayne?)
You striiiike me out as a lame in real life
The chain on the neck don’t connect with the mainframe
The source, the fake gone force or refrain
When I pull up, hop out, say the name on ’em (COAST)
Do my lil thang, spit a flame on ’em (COAST)
I can give a damn about the fame, nigga
I’ll pull a card anywhere, I’m David Blaine on ’em
You think I’m the type? Nope, delete, don’t type nor retweet
I’m more elite than your PC, you and yours PC
You never met the God Emcee, until now, it was all BC
I’m not gonna push a P, I’m not Pusha T
But I will push a tee with your face on a XXL
While my team’s on the cover of the XXL magazine, lil nigga
This ain’t no make believe, we just make believers
The only thing you and your enemies agree with
The album could put an end to all of your grievances
Solve world peace, lil nigga
Boy this shit really slap, on every volume like it was raised by smack
In the jungle, you separate the apes from the rats
In the dark place, as a black race, we adapt
Blocks hotter than a furnace, ‘least it’s furnished
The bench where the bus stop, you might see a skirmish
It’s early, I’m up, you know, tryna get the worm
Then Pimp Benjies quicker than the world keep turning
Come on, nigga

[Verse 3]
2022, twinny twin coming
Momma had us on a full stomach, emerged out the womb
Two heads better than Oneness, I look like him, but y’all shit redundant
We already run it, foot on ya neck, just baby step
God protect these clowns who show boat object
Round niggas who flows could drown Noah’s architect
All due respect, we don’t all respect what you do
That shit weak, hope it work out too
Just because you win, don’t mean I lose
I ain’t you, nah
Man, ya mans lite, he sleight envy
Wanna bring smoke to God house, but lack chimney
The Coast got tatted, got 2 Cents tatted
‘Bout the only things get under my skin, you can’t offend me
I walk in truth, my fear branched off the noose
My ear drums request love from The Roots
Make ya whole family tree salute
Nothing new under the son, under the son of the son’s son
The great great one, predicted what his seed would do
In 2022, twinny twin coming
Momma had us on a, hol’ up…
I did it again, but y’all shit redundant
Did it again but y’all
I am the greatest of all timers, plagued with the greatest of Alzheimers
I hear it, then forget y’all are rhymers, ya lyrics don’t convince
Not one of us, not one of us
Not even karma spinning the block, for fake drama
Fake niggas, fake numbers
Snatch ya plate from ya, see if y’all can fake hunger
Better keep away from us, it’s Coast!

[Verse 4]
Okay I kick up, flip shit, huh, keep it moving
Hip hop, you can’t stop this type of movement
I’m a story teller, so let me get right into it
About this time, I almost died over some coochie (Say What?!?!)
Brown skin, it was this cutie
She threw a party at her crib, told me come through but
Dammit, I knew better, granted, I’m too clever
But I’m from Philly, I’m ready rumble like whoever
I’m on the way, something kept telling me boy you foolish
Couldn’t get a lift from my nigga, so called a Uber
Got dropped off, hit 5 five stars, he was the coolest
But not the cleanest, but at least he played my music (Huh, huh)
Hop in that bitch like I was Kunta
I can’t lie, shit was a vibe, they playing Future
I’m getting high, speakers was loud, it’s Metro Boomin’
But seen these guys, with evil eyes, what they up to
Wait, there she go, I recognized her from her booty
I walked up like “Baby, what’s up? Like how you doing?”
She turned around with the stone face, I was confused
Then I realized, I looked in eyes of a Medusa
Left, right, punch, kick, getting jumped, no shit
Oh shit, broke ribs, still throwing both fists, don’t miss
Now my medulla got contusions, I’m on my back, too many cats
I just see Pumas (Call a doctor!)
It was nothing else I could do
In this street fight, wishing nobody use that Haduoken (Woop, Woop)
They started to run from boys in blue
Shit, I’m not a fan of the police, but Halleluja
Moral of the story, fellas, don’t be stupid
Wanna meet a chick, then take her ass to the movies
Back to the Telly, but never give up your room key
Boys & Girls, thank you for tuning in

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