Cochise – CAUTIOUS (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2021-12-05

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Watch the music video for Cochise’s “CAUTIOUS” track produced by Jootsu. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Cochise Cautious

Cochise Cautious

For his latest release, “CAUTIOUS,” Cochise has teamed up with Jootsu to create a song that mixes “new technology and sound formats across music and visuals.” The Jamaica-based artist also shared a music video to accompany the track, which has already earned over 25,000 likes on YouTube.

The Chivalry directed clip bounces back and forth between animated and live-action visuals, taking us on a trip that pairs perfectly with the out of the box single. “I feel sorry for Cochise in a way,” one user wrote in the comments. “He’ll never know what its like to miss, the dude is clinically diagnosed as incapable of missing. Its a beautiful tragedy.”

If you couldn’t make it to Cochise’s recent sold-out solo tour, fear not – he’ll be headed out to support Aminé’s “Best Tour Ever” in 2022. If you’re a new fan of the artist, be sure to check out “Tell Em” featuring $NOT, or August’s solo release, “POCKET ROCKET.”

Cochise – CAUTIOUS (prod. Jootsu)

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Yo Cochise, a weh dem ah seh?
Yeah, I forgot
Uh (Bullet), uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh (Oh yeah), uh, uh (Oh yeah), uh
Uh (Oh yeah), uh, uh, uh, huh

Young skinny, huh, young skinny nigga
I’m a young pretty (Young pretty), huh, young pretty nigga
I got guns with me, Bobby with me (Uh, uh, uh, uh)
Got the Lord with me, got you rollin’ with me (Uh, uh, uh, uh)
I can’t lie with ya (Yeah), I’m too nauseous (Yeah)
I’m so nauseous (Yeah), moving cautious (Yeah)
Got the gas on me (Yeah), like I’m Caustic (Yeah)
Get the racks on me (Yeah), never lost it (Yeah)
TBH (Like what’s up?), to be honest
I can’t hate (I can’t hate), I been straight (I been)
I been great (I been, I been, I been), what’s your fate? Uh, uh
I’ve been drippin’, drippin’, I feel like a lake (Uh, uh)
You been trippin’, trippin’, but you out of shape (Uh, uh)
Shawty thinkin’ I’m in love, but I ain’t Drake
Wait, boy, you need some help, yeah
Stop me, nobody can stop me (Huh)
Icy on my neck, (Neck, uh), I’ve been playin’ hockey (Ice)
I saw that boy runnin’, (Runnin’, huh), yeah, he got them knot knees (Knot)
They say they is that guy (Guy), told that boy you’re not me (You’re not)
Told that boy you’re not me, shawty call me “Papi” (Uh)
They be like they roomies (Uh, uh), they be looking sloppy, uh
Yeah, like where the bass, nigga?
Where the bass at? Yeah
Where the bass at? Yeah
Where the bass at? ‘Kay (Uh, uh)
Where your face at? Yeah (Uh, uh)
Shawty throw it back (Shawty throw it back)
Like a maniac (Like a maniac)
She like, “What’s your zodiac?” (Zodiac)
Damn, like baby, I don’t even know (No)
I been prayin’ every morning, I know God, he got my soul (Huh)
I got shorties, uh, yeah (Yeah)
I got shorties, uh, yeah (Yeah)
Uppin’ the poley, uh, yeah (Yeah)
I sip the codeine, uh, yeah (Yeah)
I’m with your shorty, huh, yeah (Yeah)
Shawty a hotty, uh, yeah (Yeah)
Sippin’ Hpnotiq, yeah (Yeah)
Shawty’s hypnotic, uh, yeah
Checks, uh, uh, checks, uh, yeah
And they fat, uh, yeah, I got racks, uh, yeah (I got racks)
That’s a fact, uh, uh, uh (Yeah)
God, he on my side, he got my back (Yeah), yeah (He got my)
Had to leave a little, now I’m back
Yeah, niggas, they goin’ ape, uh, yeah, but I’m a gorilla, uh, yeah
I’m a gorilla, uh, yeah
I got my Fanta, uh, yeah, uh, Fanta, uh, yeah
Cattin’ this, uh, yeah
I’m cattin’ this scanner, uh, yeah, I’m cattin’ this-
Got my turtles with me, ninjas, yeah
And I’m feelin’ like I’m Master Splinter

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