Conway The Machine and Conductor Williams Collaborate on “Love The Lord”

Date 2023-10-21

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Conway The Machine And Conductor Williams collaborate on the new “Love The Lord” track. The piece of music was produced by Conductor Williams. Listen, stream the new song.

Two notable figures in the rap game, Conway The Machine and Conductor Williams, have teamed up to release a new single titled “Love The Lord.” While it’s not yet available on streaming platforms, it’s set to be part of an upcoming project, adding to the anticipation surrounding this release.

Conway The Machine, known for his razor-sharp lyricism, has been making waves in 2023 with various projects, including collaborative efforts like “Pain Provided Profit” with Jae Skeese and “WON’T HE DO IT.” On top of that, he’s been part of Griselda, a hip-hop collective that’s been redefining the genre.

Conductor Williams, a talented and underrated producer, has been making his mark in the industry, with production credits on tracks like Drake’s “8am in Charlotte.”

“Love The Lord” is a testament to the collaborative efforts of these two artists, and fans can expect more from them as it’s part of a larger project. With this single as a teaser, listeners can look forward to what Conway The Machine and Conductor Williams have in store for the future.

Conway the Machine – Love the Lord (prod. Conductor Williams)

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