Cookiee Kawaii – “Press Play (Gamer Girl)” [Audio]

Cookiee Kawaii - Press Play (Gamer Girl)

Female Musical artist, unveils a new piece, titled “ ()”. Listen, stream, buy the song.

Cookiee Kawaii Press Play
Cookiee Kawaii Press Play

“Press Play” boasts Cookiee Kawaii’s signature fusion of genres, from hip-hop to electronic music. She weaves through the production with her soft vocals just before the beat drops into the Jersey Club sound that first earned her viral fame.

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Cookiee Kawaii – Press Play (Gamer Girl)

Quotable Lyrics
Hey, hey (press play)
Do you wanna try and play my game?
I know you play these silly games (so press play)
Gamer girl online, I think about you all the time
Are you online?


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