Cousin Stizz – LBS (Audio, Lyrics)

Cousin Stizz - LBS

Cousin Stizz unveils the new “LBS” track. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Cousin Stizz Lbs
Cousin Stizz Lbs

Bostonian rapper Cousin Stizz’s consistency has long been underrated since the mid-2010s. With projects like his 2017 debut studio album One NightOnly and 2019’s Trying to Find My Next Thrill, his potent lyricism, elite versatility and colourful storytelling has helped him persist in the rap landscape of the last half-decade.

Stizz still looks to keep progressing and improving, as he is now looking to release his next project JUST FOR YOU on February 11. As he announced this forthcoming project, he simultaneously released a promotional single for the tape titled “LBS.”

“LBS” puts Stizz’s trademark drawl and imposing lyricism on full display. Tired of the bullsh*t, Stizz emphasizes how you either level up in life, or fall to the side.

Cousin Stizz – LBS


Cut all that lil boy shit out
Big dog hold they gotta sit out
Them niggas talkin on the phone again
Thangs on roll again
Bags on the road get ya bid out
Put the shit out

I got that lamb right on the road shit
Bread by the roll shit
Imma make this shit exist cause we go and get it
Ain’t worried bout a ticket
Boy where we livin at, on dat
Money death jail rats
I done stumbled all across it
They probably line a million but they toxic
Frontin like they see but we ain’t kickin in they office
I ain’t flippin in they ball pit
I ain’t livin in they profit
Ain’t for me so we see the lane and wrap a route
When that beef gets started ain’t no need in havin one foot out

Cut all that little boy shit out
When ya chance to grow what you put out
Big stepping stones lines stood out

Aye I rise the beam on
Puttin all the team on
The strong ran like Donovan or Deion now we on
Bro hopped with light on nigga neon got me on
Put me in the game cause what I see out here is beyond
40 of em outchea half don’t be on shit
Foots hot from run downs finding out you ain’t meanin it
Shit I ain’t mean to get it
Sittin on the world and me
Front it with my team
All for the love of cream
That lil boy shit out I swear to god
Fall big it ain’t that hard
They don’t wanna give a nod
Watch everything what you seeing ain’t a cinema
But it ain’t a prob

Cut all that little boy shit out
All them lil wrongs gettin big now
Things gotta go and get
Ain’t no way of knowin it
Been way long and schemes gotta get out
Look how it’s lit now
Cut all that lil boy uhh

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