cupcakKe – “Back In Blood (remix)”

Date 2021-02-25

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cupcakKe is back with a remix to “Back In Blood”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song produced by YC.

Cupcakke Back In Blood (remix)

Cupcakke Back In Blood (remix)

Pooh Shiesty is arguably the hottest newcomer in the game. One of Gucci Mane’s latest proteges, Shiesty unleashed his latest project, Shiesty Season a few weeks ago which includes the hit record, “Back In Blood.” The song’s steadily been climbing the charts while several remixes have already been released. 22Gz took on the production and Queen Key slayed the track a few months back. Now, cupcakKe is back with a vengeance with her own rendition of the record. Unleashing a barrage of bars, cupcakKe showcases her many pockets of flows that she has while flexing her witty wordplay. “Bitch, come dig him out the mud/ Gave ’em 6-feet like it’s COVID, yeah that casket deep as fuck,” she raps on the song.

cupcakKe – Back In Blood (remix) (prod. YC)


Bitches got their stimulus check
Now they acting like they up
Niggas hit me up online but when they see me it’s a hug
No Illuminati, but you want it? Come get it in blood
If you looking for your mans bitch come dig him out the mud
Bitch come dig him out the mud

Gave him 6 feet like it’s Covid
Yeah that casket deep as fuck
Bought a section, but y’all ratchet
Section 8 all in the club
And that pussy so damn dry he gotta fuck you in the tub
Gang, gang
Bitch it’s demon time
All I really want is a peace of mind
But these hoes get addressed like it’s Easter time
Can’t, can’t get along when we combine
Cause look nigga, I don’t talk. I speak, I shine
But every time I call they’ll put me on speaker just to show a motherfucker it’s me on the line
Then I hang up quick as hell, it’s no pressure
Brain so good he calling me Dexter
If you wanna fuck then show me your check stub
Play a nigga quick like I’m the new Alexa
.223 on a AAR
Couple shots like I’m facing a bar
Hear him trying to speak through his last breath
Lowkey sound like a motherfucking ASMR
Pull up in that “who’s she?”, eating sushi
With the bleu cheese, yelling out the window “Whoopty”
Who said they gon-
Whoop me
Do a bitch nasty like-
Play that Carter V cause that bitch caught a 5
Bullets soaring, feeling like I’m-
Fuck around make me a grill cheese
All this bread and cheddar, they gon-
Sue me
All my opps is lying like they knew me
Drip so sick I’mma need that soup tea
Hit her one time with that motherfucking Bruce Lee
Split a bitch lacefront into a two-piece
They done sent the wrong nigga out for blood
I’m just finna finger fuck em with the fucking rifle
But that nigga is a bitch
So the only blood he getting is a monthly cycle
Gang in this bitch and I’m sitting on my throne
This that big dick energy
No perfume, I need cologne
She done fucked 9 dicks in one day
That pussy dead, okay. Poor cat, poor cat
This pussy so low mileage, when I fuck him he scream “Corvette, corvette” (Skrrrrt)
I bet Pooh Sheisty in the crib right now like “Who the fuck is this? Who the fuck is you?”
The beat so sticky I’m taking your shit
I done turned Pooh Shiesty to Winne the Pooh
Yeah, that’s how shiesty a bad bitch get
I’ll get on your beat and I’m taking your shit (Gimme that!)
Naw, I’m just playing, man
Shout out to bro and shout out to Durk man, you niggas lit
But back to these hating bitches
I can make your nigga cum and swallow all my nut
Fuck his ass one time, make him feel special when he all up in my guts
And he could never cum in my mouth unless I got a whole lotta hiccups
I told him “No nigga, you can’t cum inside. I’m doing curbside pickups”
Fuck is you saying? Boy I’m in Japan
Every time we land they asking for a pic
You know the dress splitting up a happy home, so the dress gotta have a split
I gave a opp head and then when he came I spit it out into a dish
Then make that nigga drink his own semen, no this semi ain’t gon miss
This shit different, you smell that?
Inhale that shit
When FashionNova send me free clothes I sell that shit
Cause it’s all about that dollar, ain’t shit else gon entice me
Terry Crews up in White Chicks, I’m finna beat a nigga to the white meat
They like “That’s the girl that do giveaways
She too sweet to do a homicide”

Type to beat a bitch by her mama beats, like cover ears since your daughter crying (Damn)
They don’t even know I take money
Leave a dumb bitch so demonitized
My bank account look like a lot of donuts while you bitches can’t afford an apple pie
I’ll pull up with that glizzy (That glizzy)
Revolver make a nigga dizzy (He dizzy)
Keep one low hand on that trigger (Brrrrrraah)
Then start shooting shit like I’m Lindsay
It’s no cap under this wiggy
Ain’t no love bitch, I’m gritty
Bitch I did this for Chicago cause I’m putting on for my city


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