cupcakKe – We Go Up (Remix) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-04-22

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cupcakKe delivers a verse on Nicki Minaj & Fivio Foreign’s song, “We Go Up”. The piece of music was produced by Szamz, Swizzy & Papiyerr. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download.

Cupcakke We Go Up (remix)

Cupcakke We Go Up (remix)

Nicki Minaj is readyin the release of her forthcoming project and over the months, she’s built the anticipation with a handful of singles. She dropped two singles with Lil Baby before diving into the drill sound alongside Fivio Foreign on “We Go Up.” Though it dropped in March, “We Go Up” has slowly bubbled up, especially with the recently released music video.

On Tuesday, Nicki Minaj presented the opportunity for rappers to submit verses over the instrumental for the remix. cupcakKe just slid through with her submission, and perhaps, Nicki shouldn’t look any further. The Chicago rapper pops out with different pockets of flows and menacing punchlines. Her ferocious delivery syncs up with the icy drill production, proving that cupcakKe really isn’t one to be played with on the mic.

cupcakKe – We Go Up (Remix) (prod. Szamz, Swizzy & Papiyerr)


(O mój Boże, ale dojebałem bit)
(Swizzy na bicie, ziomal)
You know I took—, I took some time off (Papi Yerr)
And you know, bitches is not seein’ me, you thot

We pull up on the opps and them bitches gon’ hide like they lace, they ain’t comin’ outside
And we don’t need no Siri, we already knowin’ where these motherfuckers reside
Shoot a nigga on IG live, yeah, that nigga soul goin’ straight to Dubai
And it’s only one reason why
[?] (Baow)
Nigga done took the bait
I run up on a nigga like, “What’s the hate?” (Ah)
Tell a nigga straight to his fuckin’ face
“Your chain look fake, nigga, is it cake?” (Ah, ah)
That’s some shit I wouldn’t take
One good blow, that shit’ll break
Kim K walkin’ in Balenciaga
[?] wrapped with the yellow tape (Baow, baow)
Gang, gang, gang, we go up, ayy
Bitch got a problem, we show up
I thought I told this nigga, “Get lost”
[?] lookin’ at him like, “What’s the hold up?” (Ah)
Went from a shampoo girl, now washin’ these hoes, that’s one hell of a glow up (You know)
Let me go to the gym and just get my head straight
Stomp a bitch out when I skip leg day
I don’t give a fuck about you, lil’ fella
That pussy ran through like Coachella (Hahaha)
Stop draggin’ these bitches? That’s never
Call her Rue, she gettin’ drilled forever (Ah, ah)
Took her man then made that man come sit that money on the muhfuckin’ dresser
He bought me a wedding band but it ain’t on my hand [?]
Never miss when I beat that ho
Upside her head, I play Connect 4
Hope and pray she got a back door
Brrata, that shit gon’ blow
All these hoes be so damn broke
Walk down on ’em, I stay on go
Think shit sweet, I’ll split her teeth
Now got more rooms than an exit room (Baow)
Watch how I load up the semi
I’m countin’ up money, it’s so many Benjis
I’m up in some Fendi but they can’t offend me
When they in designer, it’s not the real thingy (Goddamn)
These hoes is some bums and they throat is a chimney
This dumb bitch will swallow this whole round
Found me a nigga [?]
I can’t [?]
Claim you the biggest, well, bitch, I feel bigger
You got the Glock but you not a real killer
Look like my finger be doin’ the jerk when I’m pullin’ it back on that muhfuckin’ trigger (Ah, ah, ah)
I’m independent but, yeah, I’m that nigga
I don’t [?] so these bitches is bitter
I’m over that casket, feelin’ fantastic
Sprinkling roses with Salt Bae rhythm (Baow, baow, baow, baow)

Baow, baow, baow, baow

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