Dess Dior – Rich B*tch (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-12-17

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Dess Dior returns with the visual to “Rich Bitch”. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Dess Dior Rich Btch

Dess Dior Rich Btch

She already had an online following of her own, but once Future and Dess Dior began flaunting their rumored romance, people began to clamor over themselves to find out more about the latest woman to steal the award-winning rapper’s heart. Yet, the public shouldn’t be mistaken—Dess Dior wants people to remember that she’s not just Future’s arm candy. Last month, Dess dropped her single “Rich B*tch,” and she returns with a COVID-19 friendly visual that features her alone in a mansion.

The rapper is shown in various areas of the lavish home as she raps about being at the top of her game. It’s clear that Dess is ready to add her name to the growing list of women in the rap industry who are making waves, so we’ll have to find out if the world likes what they hear and see.

Dess Dior – Rich Bitch

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Hear boss speaking be quiet
Ain’t f**ked on the n***a he lien
Ain’t tryna hustle don’t come outside
If I said it, I want it, its mine
Late nights don’t sleep, I’m grinding
On top no falling behind
God with me, He giving the signs
Cut ‘em off now he loosing his mind (aye)

Rich b*t*h sh*t, (rich b*t*h) I hit chase and break the bank tho (aye)
Carti on my wrist, (yeah) hit wafi drop the bankroll (yeah,yeah)
AP coming next , I make sure that b*t*h is two toned (Hello)
Hold my wrist up, I got ‘em sick , send em to Blue Cross (ughh)

[Verse 1]
Hate on my pics, know I don’t give a f**k
I got them racks, I’m holding em up (bag)
Bout fifty racks, got it sitting on my facе (ouu)
Body look good, make him grab on my waist (woo)
I want the n***a, I ain’t gotta chase
I’m in thе game, And I come in first place
Stay in your lane, get the f**k out my way (f**k out my way)
Want me to post, know you gotta pay (ayee)
And I’m vibing in this b*t*h (we vibing in this b*t*h)
Call up my old n***a, cause I heard he hit a lick (I need datttt)
Take me to the mall, all I gotta do is pick
Put respect up on my name, yeah hoe cause I’m that b*t*h (hello)

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