Diamond Platnumz drops video for “Achii” featuring Koffi Olomide (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-17

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Diamond Platnumz premieres the music video for the new Koffi Olomide-featured piece of music titled “Achii.”

Prepare to be mesmerized as two music legends, Diamond Platnumz and Koffi Olomide, come together in the captivating music video for their latest collaboration, “Achii.” This dynamic piece of music showcases the incredible talent of both artists and promises to leave a lasting impact on music enthusiasts worldwide.

A Fusion of Musical Powerhouses

“Achii” is the result of a powerful collaboration between Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz and Congolese music icon Koffi Olomide. With their combined musical prowess, these two artists bring a unique blend of styles and influences that result in a track that is both harmonious and engaging.

An Ode to Dance and Celebration

The “Achii” music video is a celebration of dance, rhythm, and cultural unity. Set against a vibrant backdrop, the video captures the essence of joy and movement, inviting viewers to join in the festivities. The choreography and visuals bring the song’s lyrics to life, creating a truly immersive experience.

A Dynamic Visual Spectacle

Directed with finesse and creativity, the music video for “Achii” is a visual spectacle that complements the song’s energy. The seamless transitions, choreographed sequences, and colorful visuals enhance the viewer’s engagement and offer a feast for the senses. The video serves as a testament to the power of music to bring people together in celebration.

Diamond Platnumz’s Charismatic Presence

As one of Africa’s most prominent music artists, Diamond Platnumz shines in the “Achii” music video. His charismatic presence and energetic performance command attention and add depth to the song’s narrative. His seamless chemistry with Koffi Olomide showcases the camaraderie between artists who share a mutual love for music.

Koffi Olomide’s Timeless Contribution

Koffi Olomide’s contribution to “Achii” adds a layer of elegance and experience to the track. With his rich vocals and seasoned musical prowess, he elevates the song to new heights. Koffi Olomide’s presence in the video serves as a bridge between generations of music enthusiasts, reminding us of the enduring power of music to transcend time and boundaries.

A Song of Unity and Celebration

“Achii” is not just a song; it’s an anthem of unity, dance, and cultural celebration. The lyrics and visuals capture the essence of coming together in joyous harmony, regardless of background or language. Through their collaboration, Diamond Platnumz and Koffi Olomide deliver a message of shared experiences and the universality of music.

A Triumph of Artistry

The “Achii” music video is a triumph of artistry, creativity, and collaboration. With its vibrant visuals, dynamic choreography, and powerful performances, it offers an immersive experience that will resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide. Diamond Platnumz and Koffi Olomide have created a masterpiece that pays homage to the spirit of dance and the joy of music.

Embrace the Joy of “Achii”

As you watch the “Achii” music video, allow yourself to be swept away by the infectious rhythms, lively choreography, and the shared passion of Diamond Platnumz and Koffi Olomide. Let the music and visuals transport you to a world of celebration and unity, reminding us all of the universal language of music that knows no boundaries.

Diamond Platnumz – Achii (ft. Koffi Olomide)

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15 August 2023
1 Song, 4 minutes
℗ 2023 Ziiki Media

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Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu
Achu Achu Achu Achu Chu Chu Chu Chu

Yeee Wale Wanaingia (Le General Dangote)
Ooh Wenye Mji Wamevamia (Le Grand Mopao)
Yeee Wale Wanaingia (Mama Dangote)
Ooh Wenye Mji Wamevamia

Utatubeba Mgongoni, Utatubeba Mgongoni
Utatubeba Mgongoni, Utatubeba Mgongoni

Ona Mpaka Leo Oh Majibu Sipati
Yaani Mpaka Leo Nimebaki Katikati (Didi Santos)
Rafiki Rafiki, Rafiki Wa Kweli Ni Nani
Rafiki Rafiki Ni Ndugu Ama Jirani

Unayeparty Naye Kwa Starehe
Wakulia Nawe Msibani
Wa Kukosa Akvongeze
Ama Yule Wa Nipe Nami

Mwenzenu Minekoma Rafiki Yangu Pesa
Rafiki Yangu Pesa
Rafiki Yangu Pesa (Ricardo Momo)
Rafiki Yangu Pesa
Rafiki Yangu Pesa
Rafiki Yangu Pesa (Dan Fumbwe)
Rafiki Yangu Pesa
Rafiki Yangu Pesa

Asa Achi Achi (Achii) Chibu Dangote (Achii)
Jama Achi Achii (Achii) Na Chidy Benzi (Achii)
Asa Achi Achi (Achii) Chiku Wa Ghetto (Achii)
Kumbe Ji Ni Ji (Achii) Chipolopolo (Achii)

Asa Twende Achichichii A Chi Chi Chii
Achichichii A Chi Chi Chii (La Prezi Donth Mama Samia)
Hemu Chichichii A Chi Chi Chii
Achichichii (Eeeh) A Chi Chi

Atikitiki Akiki Atikitiki Akiki (Aah)
(Atikitiki Aah Atiki Aah Atikitiki Atiki)
(Jijis Mopao)
Doboro Kii Ah (Doboro Kii)
Doboro Kii (Le Prezida Mafanchi Bethon)
(Doboro Kii)

Dance Kitoko Dance Bidena Dance Sukali (Tobila)
Dance Makambo Dance Bidena Dance Atombotombo
Zinda Bangondo Zinda (Zinda)
Zinda Bangondo Zinda (Zinda)
Uuu Sepeta Zinda (Zinda)
Uuu Sepeta (Zinda)

Zinda Bangondo Zinda (Zinda)
Ooo Bangondo Zinda (Zinda)
Mama Lia Bangondo Lia (Lia)
Lia Bangondo Lia (Lia)
Mama Lia Bangondo Lia (Lia)
Lia Bangondo Lia (Lia)

Kiwangooo! (Kiwango Babu)
Kiwangooo! (Kiwango Babu)
(Prezidon Hussein Mwinyi)

Ooh Niache Nina Moody Leo Nataka Niparty Nipatike
Niache Nina Furaha Leo Nataka Ninywe Niutwike
Niache Nina Moody Leo Nataka Niparty Nipatike
Niache Nina Furaha Leo (Nelson Kisanga)
Nataka Ninywe Niutwike

Ooh Niache Nina Moody Leo Nataka Niparty Nipatike
(Babu Tale)
Niache Nina Furaha Leo Nataka Ninywe Niutwike
Niache Nina Moody Leo (Cisko Kipenge) Nataka Niparty Nipatike
Niache Nina Furaha Leo Nataka Ninywe Niutwike

Waambie Marafiki (Mtanibeba Mgongoni)
Ooh Mimi Leo (Mtanibeba Mgongoni)
Agha Wanangu (Mtanibeba Mgongoni)
Aii Mimi Hapa (Mtanibeba Mgongoni)

Yaani Mwenzenu (Mtanibeba Mgongoni)
Nasema Leo (Mtanibeba Mgongoni)

Pusa Pusa Pusa (Pusa)
Pusa Mama (Diego Olomide) Pusa (Pusa)
Pusa Pusa Pusa (Pusa)

Yaka (Yaka) Yaka (Yaka) Yakalata (Yaka)
Yaka (Yaka) Yakalata (Yaka)
Yaka (Yaka) Yakusimbate (Yaka)
Yaka (Yaka) Yakusimbate (Yaka)
Yaka (Yaka) Yakusimbate (Yaka) Yaka

Applause Papao (Eeee!)
Applause Diamond (Aeee!)
Raise Papao (Eeee!)
Raise Diamond (Aeee!)
(Mama Lifa Nalombwe)

Yakamwa (Yaka) Yaka (Yaka)
Yakalata (Yaka) Yaka (Yaka)
Yaakusimbate (Yaka) Yaka (Yaka)
Yakutalaka (Yaka) Yaka (Yaka)

Ee Mamera Nyu Papee (Mieee)
Mama Sethera (Mieee)
Mera Nde Pa Wii (Wiii)
Mera Ndi Mayo (Wiii)
Mera Yo Gavie (Mieee)
Mera Sepera (Mieee)
Mama Labawii (Wiii)
Mama Lobanko (Bankooo)
Wisamo, Mopao Le-gra Mopao
Tiffa Dangote (Aaah)
Didi Stone Aii

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