DJ Muggs’ new “Dump On Em” track features B-Real, Ice Cube, MC Ren (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-16

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DJ Muggs unveils an unofficial music video for the self-produced “Dump On Em” track featuring B-Real, Ice Cube, MC Ren.

PSA: there’s a new old-school boom-bap posse cut with four legends for you to lend your ears to and nod your head along to. Moreover, DJ Muggs enlisted a crew of legendary MCs (Ice Cube, MC Ren, and B-Real of Cypress Hill) to bring us “Dump On Em.” Of course, with this list of collaborators, this is a classically grimy, menacing, and hardened banger with a lot of impactful lines and threatening energy. In particular, it’s great to hear Ren of N.W.A. pop up on a new track, as he’s more elusive than his collaborators here. Regardless, even if he was dropping a new album every week, this performance still stacks up well with the dark instrumental.

In fact, all the verses here showcase a lot of chemistry, charisma, and cold-blooded narratives. B-Real especially shines on this cut, not only because of his yelpy and ear-grabbing vocal tone, but for his vivid imagery and consistent flows. Furthermore, it contrasts well with the following bars from MC Ren, who still has his husky voice to emphasize the threats in his lyrics. Unsurprisingly, Ice Cube still sounds hungry to this day, and comes through with the most measured but emphatic set of lines. It might not reinvent the wheel, but it’s exactly the kind of track that displays what makes this brand of hardcore hip-hop so relevant and fresh to this day.

Meanwhile, DJ Muggs’ beat is as cold-blooded as the verses, with a thick bassline, menacing piano leads, and a dry drum pattern that switches up in the chorus. Actually, if you like this track, make sure to check out some of his other material from this year with the likes of Madlib and Mayhem Lauren. “Dump On Em” scratches an admittedly niche itch, but when it hits, there are few other styles that sounds as raw and grounded these days. If you haven’t heard this track yet, find it on your preferred streaming service and peep some notable bars down below.

DJ Muggs – Dump On Em (ft. B-Real, Ice Cube, MC Ren) (prod. DJ Muggs)

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11 August 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2023 Soul Assassins Records

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Turn by (Come again)
Oooh shit
You know what type of time this is
(L.A. is in this motherfucker)
It’s one of them Soul Assassins thangs baby
(Wicked) Hehehe

[Verse 1: B-Real]
East side brothers see me slidin’ in a 59 rack top
Plottin’ on the 1-10 high-
Sun is shinin’ like a diamond in the moonlight
Stars alignin’, in the moment ’cause tomorrow might be out of time
And I’m a lion roamin’ through the jungle
Every day’s a struggle, every day’s a hustle
Every day you gotta flex some muscle
Clap you like Kurt Russel
To the dome, tombstone
Every single minute that you live in here, [?]
In the home of the drive-by’s and gang-ties
Better stay on yo game and keep fuckin’ eyes wide
Open, motherfuckers always on the come-up
Follow you home and then they run up with the gun up
Hold the fuck-up, you comin’ for mine?
Bad luck, tie ’em up, throw ’em in the trunk, treat ’em like a punk
Drop ’em off in the hood and whack the pump on ’em (Dump on ’em)
Buck-shots got a house of pain, jump on ’em

Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)

[Verse 2: MC-Ren]
I’m an honorary Soul Assassin
Villain give a fuck while I’m verbally blastin’
Still hungry nigga, like I’m fastin’
Stay the fuck away while these titans is clashin’
Now your chin all swoll’ like Jay Leno
‘Cause your punk-ass couldn’t understand N.O
Nigga thank Muggs for this instrumental
That you bupmin’ now in that shitty ass rental
I’m the villain, I know you know this
These other niggas compared to me is straight bogus
I’m the one you call villain, they call Cyrus
Take out these niggas with virus that you can call an advice
CPT general
For you to beat me, it’s gonna take a miracle
My nigga I don’t give a fuck
Muggs handed me that shit and he said dump-

Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)

[Verse 3: Ice Cube]
Ever since he dumped on ’em, homie came back to haunt ’em
Ever since he shot ’em, every day it’s autumn
Every day is fall, can’t sleep at all
‘Bout to climb the wall, gotta walk the halls
Nigga broke the clause, universal laws (Yeah)
Now we in them jaws, of them dirty dogs
Got ’em dumpin’ trash, gotta dump a stash
Bullshit lawyer, got ’em dumpin’ cash
He ain’t Johnny Cash, he drove a Pontiac
Shouldn’t have mixed the cocaine and the Cognac
He was a maniac, in that dump truck
And when the Popo’s caught him
Now he lumped up, nigga slumped up
Got thrown in the cell with the wolves and they pumped up
They brought the funk up
Yeah, you shot my homeboy
Pull out the [?], and went cowboy

Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
You know it’s that Soul Assassins, stop playin’ with us
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)
Dump on ’em (Dump, digi-dump, dumped off, dump, dump on ’em)

Get off my dick nigga, and tell yo bitch to come here
Walter White ain’t got shit on me (Yes-man)


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