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Ediri O. Dick known as is a passionate Gospel music minister called by God to preach the Bible via songs (music). Dk’s songs are  spirit filled, soul lifting, exciting, lyrically rich and adoration to God: amongst which are: I Need You, Shokoto, No One Else, Praise party, Enigma, Chukwu nonso, Eyes have not seen and many more…
From Dk’s much anticipated 2021 Album which is full of divine songs and heavenly tunes comes his latest song titled .
About the song:
 There is God is a song of adoration, affirmation declaration and worship unto God. Expressing his; lordship, magnitude, supremacy and worthship irrespective of what is happening, what sorrounds us and how we feel, THERE IS GOD who never dies!
Download it, enjoy it, eat it , love it sing it, share it!      God Bless You!
There is a God who sits in heaven and his footstool is the earth.
There is a God who parts the red see with the blast of his nostrils
There is a God stretched the heavens as curtains spread like tent
There a God who calls the things that were not as though they were…
Oh oh oh oh
There is God        (3x)
There is God who no ever dies
Verse 2
These is a God who’s up to something when I am down to nothing.                    There is a God who knows the strands and the number of my hair.                 There is a God who never sleep nor slumber he watches over me.                  There is a God who knows my present, past and my future to come
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