Doodie Lo – F.T.N. (Fucc Tha Net) (Audio, Video)

Doodie Lo - F.T.N. (Fucc Tha Net)

Musical artist, Doodie Lo starts 2022 with the premiere of the music video for the song, “F.T.N. (Fucc Tha Net)”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download.

Doodie Lo F.t.n. (fucc Tha Net)
Doodie Lo F.t.n. (fucc Tha Net)

OTF-affiliated rapper Doodie Lo has taken aim at his ex-girlfriend, FTN Bae, after she accused him of sexually molesting her five-year-old son. For months, Doodie Lo has been poking holes in FTN Bae’s story. The woman accused him of molesting her son, allegedly inserting screws into his anus, which Doodie has denied.

This week, it was reported that FTN Bae came away with a win in her court battle against the rapper when Doodie Lo’s request for a restraining order was dismissed. A few days have passed and Doodie is responding in a new diss record aimed at his ex, titled “F.T.N. (F*cc Tha Net).”

The track includes some inflammatory comments toward FTN Bae, with Doodie calling out her OnlyFans hustle, saying she “looks dirty,” and referring to her as a “stripping b*tch.”

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Doodie Lo – F.T.N. (Fucc Tha Net)

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