Drake – Not You Too (ft. Chris Brown) (Audio, Lyrics)

Drake - Not You Too (ft. Chris Brown) (prod. Noel Cadastre)

Listen, Stream, Buy, Mp3 Download the “Not You Too” song by Drake featuring Chris Brown. The song was produced by Noel Cadastre.

Drake Not You Too
Drake Not You Too

Last Thursday, music fans began to freak out on Twitter as rumours swirled that Drake would be releasing a brand new mixtape. Of course, that mixtape was eventually revealed to be the Dark Lane Demo Tapes project which is a collection of leaks and demos from Drake’s recent exploits in the studio. The project contains a ton of features, including another ballad with the likes of Chris Brown called “Not You Too.”

On this particular track, Brown takes more of a backseat as he provides the background vocals during the verses and sometimes, the chorus. Meanwhile, throughout the verses, Drake talks about a woman he has been dying to be with and how by now, they should be an item. However, as is the case with much of Drake’s subject matter, things just didn’t work out.

Drake – Not You Too (ft. Chris Brown) (prod. Noel Cadastre)


[Chorus: Drake]
First time in a long time
Hurtin’ deeply inside
First time in a long time
Hurtin’ deeply

[Verse 1: Drake, Chris BrownDrake & Chris Brown]
Trust who?
Watchin’ my back even when I’m in the booth
Oh, trust who?
Doin’ my thing, but I’m down to come clean, not like you
I wanna make you feel the weight’s off your shoulders too
I’ll take it
Just tell me it can’t be that crazy
And even if it is that crazy, baby

I’ll take it
I want you, I know you’re not an angel
Not you
Oh, just save it
Don’t waste your time
‘Cause I’m wavy and I’m sayin’ things
That I don’t mean, but I do mean
And I don’t want you to miss me
‘Cause there’s no way that you’re sorry
And you’re crying and you’re sayin’ things
That I do believe, but I don’t even
Want you to get in my mind

I’m supposed to be in your mind (Oh woah)
For the first time in a long time
For the first time in a long
For the first time in the longest time

[Chorus: Drake with Chris Brown]
First time in a long time
Hurtin’ deeply inside
First time in a long time
Hurtin’ deeply

[Bridge: Drake, Chris BrownChris Brown & Drake]
Yeah (Now, oh, baby)
Hurtin’ deeply inside
Trust who?

[Verse 2: Drake with Chris Brown]
Trust me and I can set you free
Left your man, came straight to me
You the real MVP, my love
Ride dirty like Pimp C
You a real ten-speed freak, shawty
You was everything a nigga need
You was everything to me, my love
Why you keep that little shit from me?
Left me down on bended knee
When I scooped you in the Maybach
The only time a nigga ever made you take a backseat
Why you do that little shit to me, shawty?
When you know that we was meant to be
Why’d you keep those things from me, my love? (Love)
I’ve given you enough time

[Chorus: Drake with Chris Brown]
Hurtin’ deeply inside
Hurtin’ deeply, deeply

[Outro: Drake]
Thought I knew the real, then they flipped
How many times did I ask about this, on God?
Why you let me find out like this, on God?
Houston, we got a problem, my dawg
All my niggas love you, got us all involved
Ain’t no goin’ back to how we started off
No, no, no, no

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