Dremo tags 1da Banton on EP song, “Holy Pass” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-02

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Nigerian rapper Dremo’s latest extended play, “No Pressure,” features the track “Holy Pass” with a special appearance by 1da Banton. The song is skillfully produced by Y4zi. Prepare to be blown away by the lyrical prowess and infectious vibes on this collaboration!

Canadian rapper Killy and producer Sega have teamed up to release the music video for their collaboration titled “Look At What We Started.” The song was co-produced by Lito and Venexxi.

“Look At What We Started” is a compelling track that showcases Killy’s unique flow and Sega’s impressive production skills. The song boasts a captivating beat and infectious melodies that will have listeners hooked from the very first note.

The music video for “Look At What We Started” complements the song perfectly, featuring stunning visuals and artistic storytelling that further enhances the track’s impact.

With Killy’s distinctive style and Sega’s masterful production, “Look At What We Started” is a standout collaboration that highlights the best of both artists’ talents.

As Killy and Sega continue to make waves in the music industry, “Look At What We Started” serves as a testament to their artistry and the exciting projects they have in store for their fans.

In conclusion, “Look At What We Started” is a must-watch and must-listen for fans of Killy and Sega, as well as for anyone who appreciates top-notch music and creative visuals.

With their combined talents and chemistry, Killy and Sega have delivered a memorable and impactful track that will leave a lasting impression on listeners and music enthusiasts alike.

Dremo – Holy Pass (ft. 1da Banton) (prod. Y4zi)

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28 July 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes


I know we just friends without the benefits
But I see how he treating you man that shit make me sick
And yo, in total you a 10
And I ain’t even trying to gas you up
None of that filling station shit
Girl you in a one sided relationship
He knows you gon take him back
So he gon take a piss
you can’t keep living you life like this
Me wey be man sef e reach to talk sey guys ain’t shit

I don’t know why you think that I’m playing with you
I love you like my mama, treat you like my baby sister
More happiness, less drama
That’s the shit I cultivate I’m feeling like the best farmer
Whatever it takes to make you smile lil mama
This is how lovely it tastes it’s more sweet less sour
Girl if you gree for me now I
Swear sey you go dey in good hands

Gbe, gbe, gbe
I know sey dem lie to you girl so many times
And you you don believe am
I know sey dem whine you so many times
But me I come deliver
Come deliver you o like pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I dey o
I say me I go dey
Try my best
Me I no go form like sey I too holy o
‘Cause I no holy o
I no holy pass o
But I wan try o
I no holy pass o ah

Tell me what you want ?
Shey na money, shey na love
Shey na gbola, shey na trust
Let me know cos you deserve it all
You more than enough
Relationship no be by force
If it ain’t working anymore
You should let it go
Ama tell you my intentions
I put in work, you a diamond in the rough

You got potentials
And you know sey time dey precious
You need to spend it with people that make you feel special
Man, your guy is a sucker girl I can’t even lie
Blame his fuck ups on his zodiac sign
You said he said he is indecisive,
Double faced , over anxious, inconsistent
‘Cause he Gemini
He a bozo man I can’t even lie
Cheating on you, lying to you
Making you cry
Baby I’m just saying you could do better

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