EST Gee & Yo Gotti drop visuals for “A Moment With Gotti” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-14

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EST Gee premieres the music video for the Yo Gotti-assisted song, “A Moment With Gotti,” produced by Saint Cardona, Marko Lenz & FOREVEROLLING.\

Louisville, Kentucky native EST Gee and Memphis legend Yo Gotti are back once more for a fresh new single. The song is called “A MOMENT WITH GOTTI” and it is the second song for Gee’s upcoming mixtape. El Toro 2 is the title of the ninth project and sequel to the first El Toro by one of Kentucky’s best. This newest effort was first announced on May 24, 2023, by Gee through social media.  Furthermore, the first single “Turn The Streets Up”, was released a day later on May 25.

Fast forwarding to June 16 the official cover art was posted through Instagram. This brings Gotti and Gee’s collaborations well into the double digits, but it is for good reason. Both appeared on numerous tracks from the Gangsta Art record from the CMG (Collective Music Group) music label in 2022. Gotti is the founder of it and signed EST Gee in January 2021. Now, it is a full circle moment with “A MOMENT WITH GOTTI.”

Both go back and forth wonderfully as they usually do. Fans seem to be enjoying it thoroughly because it is currently number 6 on YouTube’s trending list. It is already near 700,000 views and 10,000 likes. This will definitely not be the last pairing and maybe not the only one on the upcoming El Toro 2.

EST Gee – A Moment With Gotti (ft. Yo Gotti) (prod. Saint Cardona, Marko Lenz & FOREVEROLLING)

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10 August 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 CMG/Interscope Records

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[Intro: EST Gee]
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm (Got me fucked up), yeah

[Verse 1: EST Gee]
As real as it get (As real as it get)
Plus, your favorite rapper been on my dick (Your favorite been on my dick)
I just was prayin’ this that they ain’t drop me, probably fit in my piss (FOREVERROLLING)
I told my mama, I owe her
She told me, “Shut up and grip” (She told me, “Shut up and get that money”)
Pure bred, red nose pit, I trained it, lay down and sit (Grr)
They tried boxin’ me in
But I ain’t flinchin’, ain’t nothin’ (I ain’t flinchin’, ain’t nothin’)
I seen ’em, they comin’, I don’t pay ’em nothin’ under a hundred (I don’t pay ’em nothin’ under a hundred grand)
He took off runnin’ but stumbled, got his head turned to a pumpkin’ (Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah)
Plus, my sons in abundance, they know they’ daddy been thuggin’ (I do it for my sons)
Even though I know they’ mama make me show I love ’em with money (Sure I love ’em with cash)
I’m the king of the jungle, but they ain’t vote me the leader
I undercut my competers, although, it’s cheaper, it’s ether
Russian put it in the freezer, pray it don’t clog up his needle (Pray it don’t clog up his needle)
I’ma pop it like Gotti, playin’ Touchdown through my speakers (Playin’ Touchdown)
With all my jewelry on in my car, for a nigga ain’t touchin’ me, neither

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
I just touched down in Houston (What’s happenin’?)
It’s just me and my shooters (Let’s get it)
I ain’t payin’ no plugs, I got more free bands than Scooter
Gotta value your past (Past) and depend on your future (Your future)
How you be with Crips and be with Bloods? ‘Cause the money went neutral
If you see me with Geeski, two Lambos and two yeekies
A nigga playin’, he leakin’
They call me Mr. No-Speakin’
Might be the hustler of the century (I am)
Richest nigga I know still under investigation (I am), tryna duck the penitentiary (Damn)
Streets talk too much (Shh), please, do not mention me (Quiet)
World War 4, if a nigga touch a inch of me

[Verse 3: EST Gee]
I was up with Gotti, had sent for me (I was up)
Trap from Texas to Tennesseee (I was strapped)
Pandemic price like thirty-three, bricks and water was ten a piece (It was ten)
Get it wrapped like a gift from me (Get it wrapped up)
It was grey, I do my thing
Turn it blue color, Tiffany, I’m a dawg
Fuckin’ around with that food, the only way I really eat (The only way that I get money)
Blog and comments don’t get to me, I come from out the projects
Ayy, put a mill’ in that water, stuck my arm in it, Vince Carter (My arm in the rim)
They thought I died in the Charger, but the shooter ain’t hit they target (They ain’t hit, they—)
Say y’all blame him for the slaughter, put them in history, the market
Answers my call, apartment walk out, big blick in my jogger (Uh)
Notorious like Big Poppa, but I ain’t goin’ like Chris Wallace (Uh)
This city know who the goblins, they beggin’ for me to stop it (Uh)
The reason they don’t ride with toddlers, no sympathy, dead more mamas (Uh, uh)
You either in or you out it, and don’t even question me about it, nigga (Uh, uh)


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