Falz, Flavour, and Odumodublvck Join Forces Over “NDI IKE”

Date 2023-08-11

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Falz, Flavour, Odumodublvck collaborate on the new “NDI IKE” fusion-magic cleverly produced by Onome Ojoboh.

Falz Flavour Odumodublvck NDI IKE

A remarkable collaboration has taken the music scene by storm as Falz, Flavour, and Odumodublvck join creative forces on the captivating track titled “NDI IKE.” Crafted with fusion-magic and cleverly produced by the talented Onome Ojoboh, this song is a testament to the artists’ unique styles and musical prowess.

A Fusion of Talents

“NDI IKE” seamlessly brings together the distinct talents of Falz, Flavour, and Odumodublvck. Each artist’s signature style contributes to the song’s rich and dynamic sound, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion that defies genre boundaries.

The Versatility of Falz

Falz, known for his versatile musical style and thought-provoking lyrics, delivers his signature rap verses that are both witty and impactful. His lyrical prowess and unique flow bring an engaging dimension to “NDI IKE,” adding depth to the track’s narrative.

Flavour’s Melodic Mastery

Flavour, a master of melodic compositions, infuses “NDI IKE” with his soulful vocals and unmistakable highlife flavor. His emotive delivery and vocal range elevate the song’s emotional quotient, creating a harmonious balance between the artists’ contributions.

Odumodublvck’s Distinct Sound

Odumodublvck’s distinctive sound, characterized by its Afrobeat influence and catchy hooks, complements the track seamlessly. His energetic and infectious style injects a burst of energy into “NDI IKE,” making it impossible not to move to the rhythm.

Onome Ojoboh’s Skillful Production

The masterful production by Onome Ojoboh serves as the glue that binds the diverse elements of “NDI IKE” together. Ojoboh’s ability to create a cohesive sonic tapestry while highlighting each artist’s strengths is evident in the track’s impeccable arrangement.

A Celebration of Resilience

“NDI IKE” is not just a song; it’s a celebration of resilience, strength, and the triumph of the human spirit. The artists use their music as a platform to uplift and empower, creating an anthem that resonates with listeners on multiple levels.

An Irresistible Groove

The infectious groove of “NDI IKE” is hard to resist. With its catchy melodies, rhythmic beats, and vibrant instrumentation, the track invites listeners to immerse themselves in its infectious energy and dance along.

A Harmonious Collaboration

The collaborative effort of Falz, Flavour, and Odumodublvck on “NDI IKE” is a harmonious meeting of minds and musical talents. Each artist brings their unique flavor to the table, resulting in a track that is greater than the sum of its parts.

A Musical Triumph

“NDI IKE” is a musical triumph that showcases the artistic brilliance of Falz, Flavour, Odumodublvck, and the skillful production of Onome Ojoboh. The track’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and styles while maintaining a cohesive sound is a testament to the artists’ collective vision.

Experience the Magic of “NDI IKE”

Immerse yourself in the magic of “NDI IKE.” Falz, Flavour, and Odumodublvck’s collaborative effort, paired with Onome Ojoboh’s masterful production, creates a track that is as dynamic as it is soul-stirring. From its compelling verses to its irresistible groove, “NDI IKE” is a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking a transcendent auditory experience.

Falz, Flavour, Odumodublvck – NDI IKE (prod. Onome Ojoboh)

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9 August 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 BahdGuys Entertainment Limited/JUNGLE


[Chorus: Flavour & Falz]
Aye, ife emebe go (Oyolima, yeah)
The biggest fish e don show (Okunrin meta, who want dey check am?)
Everywhere e don choke (Jagunlabi elemi mesan)
Obodo edelu, obodo edelu jim-jim (Odelu)
Aye, ife emebe go (Chillz, yeah, eh-huh)
Ndi ike, ndi ike nwe obodo (Ayy-ayy)
Ndi ike, ndi ike ji obodo (Oh-oh) (Eh-huh)
Obodo edelu obodo edelu jim-jim (Yeah, yeah)
Aye, anyi aputa go

[Verse 1: Falz]
Nwata ana ayo eze (Yes)
Otukwulu ani na afocha eze (Chee)
Ifum na Igbo kpom dede (Gi’dem)
Nkwobi with excess pepper (Chee)
Come see my palace and go tell your father, say man no be servant again (Again oh)
You wey you japa with all of my karat, you think say you no go still pay? (Olè)
Nigerian nightmare, Stylebender (Okay na)
See the swagger wey I carry enter
Show fresh but I carry mental
Fuck with my family, bad temper
Large entrance, check out the fat pendant
Solape call me the bartender (Oh)
Big spending, won o le hold wa
White agbada, omo Yoruba check e

[Chorus: Flavour & ODUMODUBLVCK]
Ndi ike, ndi ike nwe obodo
Ndi ike, ndi ike ji obodo (Oh-oh)
Obodo edelu, obodo edelu jim-jim
Aye, anyi aputa go
Ndi ike, ndi ike nwe obodo
Ndi ike, ndi ike ji obodo (Oh-oh)
Obodo edelu, obodo edelu jim-jim (Jim-jim, jim)
Aye, anyi aputa go

On colos (Eh?), we run am (Prra), Falana, Ijele (Ijele, Ijele)
The popori too much (Too much), she open toros (Toros, toros)
She gimme ikebe (Ikebe), I lock am tokoz (G’toom)
Fly am to Bordeaux (Bordeaux), obodo-oyinbo give am parole
How many chikalas I been dey with?
Oginika carry my virginity
I go still give am rabbas, give am belle, give am assurance
Money (What?), na surplus (Plus)
The swagger (Soft), Bogus (Ehn?)
Your army (Dead)
We porous, whip out kala, load am, pull up, pull up

[Chorus: Flavour & ODUMODUBLVCK]
Ndi ike, ndi ike nwe obodo (Ayy)
Ndi ike, ndi ike ji obodo (Oh-oh)
Obodo edelu, obodo edelu jim-jim (Jim-jim)
Aye, anyi aputa go
Ndi ike, ndi ike nwe obodo
Ndi ike, ndi ike ji obodo (Oh-oh)
Obodo edelu, obodo edelu jim-jim
Aye, anyi aputa go

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