Fivio Foreign – Confidence (ft. A$AP Rocky) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-04-10

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Fivio Foreign unveils the new “Confidence” song featuring A$AP Rocky. The piece of music was co-produced by Struis, AyoAA, Non Native & Bordeaux. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Fivio Foreign Confidence

Fivio Foreign Confidence

It’s been nearly two years since Fivio Foreign announced his debut album, The B.I.B.L.E. His legal troubles put a halt on his career briefly but his return was triumphant. He shredded a freestyle on Funk Flex — arguably one of the best of 2021 — and then linked up with Kanye West where he delivered one of the best verses of the year on “Off The Grid.”

The rapper’s debut album finally arrived this morning in all of its glory. While the original “City Of Gods” ft. Kanye West and Alicia Keys appeared on the project, many have gravitated towards the new collaboration he has with A$AP Rocky. The two slid on “Confidence” over AyoAA’s glittery drill production. Pretty Flacko and Fivio’s braggadocio flare lead the record with a rockstar spirit.

Fivio Foreign – Confidence (ft. A$AP Rocky) (prod. Struis, AyoAA, Non Native & Bordeaux)


[Intro: A$AP Rocky & Fivio Foreign]
Rap niggas only in the trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap (Woo)
Rap niggas only in the trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap (Woo)
Yeah-yeah (Uh)
Yeah-yeah (Oh)
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky & Fivio Foreign]
All Hail Mary (Uh), Billie Jean
It’s about to get real scary (Baow)
They don’t want beef or dairy
Hundred thousand if I talk on celly, ordinary
Ain’t nothing they can talk and tell me
Bad mon, picture perfect like Mohr and Getty (Baow, baow)
Gettin’ my focus on, aim it, pop up like toasters on ’em (Boaw)
Swarmin’ like vultures, uh, don’t come here with that bullshit

[Verse 2: Fivio Foreign]
I put the locals on them niggas
They was laughin’ at me, now the joke’s on ’em, huh
I told my jeweler to focus on me (Baow)
And the old niggas make the corner borin’ (Uh, yeah)
I tell ’em lil mami to hold off (Yeah, I tell lil mami to hold off, ha)
I take a perc and I doze off, huh
I drink the liquor and go raw
Nigga, my body different, my body on go mode
We spinnin’ the whole floor
Should’ve seen we shootin’ through both doors (Baow)
You either win or you lose, there ain’t no draw (Uh)
Nigga, I got the soldiers comin’ (Woo)
You can get it for the lowey, yeah (Woo, lil’ bitch)

[Verse 3: A$AP Rocky, Fivio Foreign]
Put on my broach or somethin’, bitch
Take on my coat for nothin’, bitch
Lit when I’m walkin’, I’m stuntin’, drip
Fuck with my bro with somethin’, bitch
Who let the faucet runnin’? (Drip, drip, drip)
Gnarly shit, rockstar, pop molly shit
Yea her braids is so long, like dreads on my Bob Marley shit
Uh, pop tags, floor’s Prada like a partnership
Would’ve thought a nigga started it (Uh)
The drip more like A$AP Rocky starter kit (Woo)
Nigga, slide on her then I politic (Yeah)
She seein’ stars like astrologist (Uh)
Beat the pussy, she ain’t chargin’ shit (Yeah, yeah)
Finessin’ (Nah), c-common sense with the scholarship (Yeah)
I’m the opposite of modest (Uh), caught ’em lackin’ that confidence, yeah

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