Fresh Porter – “Trap A Lot” (ft. Young Crazy & Rioo) [Audio, Video]

Date 2021-10-05

Category Foreign Music, Music Video, New Music

Fresh Porter is out with the video for the new “Trap A Lot” song alongside Young Crazy & Rioo. Stream, buy, mp3 download.

Fresh Porter Trap A Lot

Fresh Porter Trap A Lot

Virginia has always been known for having a ton of phenomenal hip-hop acts, although it doesn’t always get the love it deserves. Thankfully, there are a plethora of artists who are looking to unite the state all while coming through with great collaborations that showcase the talent coming from Virginia. Recently, we got just that as Virginia artists Fresh Porter, Rioo, and Young Crazy all came through on the new song “Trap A Lot” which is sure to excite fans from the area.

With this new effort, each artist brings something different to the table, although their flows mesh well together, leading to a cohesive track that showcases what each MC has to offer. The production is enticing while the artists are engaging, and it is the perfect mix of styles that will have fans from Virginia rushing to their preferred streaming services.

Fresh Porter – Trap A Lot (ft. Young Crazy & Rioo)

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Quotable Lyrics:

N**** my heart cold and I don’t really fuck with new people
My youngin a soldier he get high and like to shoot people
Bitch she a hoe but I fuck with her cuz she cool people


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