Wale Drops New Single “Max Julien” (+Lyrics, Music Video)

Date 2023-10-25

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American rapper of Nigerian descent, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin aka Wale releases the new “Max Julien” track produced by D.Woo with a music video. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song, mp3 download.

Wale, the American rapper of Nigerian descent, has released a brand-new single titled “Max Julien.” This is Wale’s first solo effort since his 2022 record “More About Nothing.”

Intriguingly, the release of “Max Julien” was accompanied by the announcement that Wale had signed with Def Jam Records, although this had reportedly occurred a few months prior. The news added to the anticipation of the new single and marked a significant development in Wale’s career.

The lyrics of “Max Julien” delve into emotions like loneliness, isolation, and a strong sense of being the best rapper. There are also notable writing credits for the song, including contributions from Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

“Max Julien” serves as a life update from Wale, offering listeners a glimpse into his current thoughts and feelings. It’s an exciting addition to Wale’s discography, reflecting his personal and artistic growth.

Wale – Max Julien (prod. D.Woo)

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20 October 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Wale Music, LLC, under exclusive license to Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Changed, changed
Yes, I’ve changed the games, baby (Woo)
I’ve changed, I’ve changed
I’ve changed the games that I used to play (Play)
Believe me when I say (Woo)

It’s giving young Max Julien
Back to back Maybachs, who knew our shit’d be super tinted?
I’m tryna show love, but niggas loyal to a limit
Relax, y’all know I’m weird, but niggas super weird
So I ain’t goin’ over there

[Verse 1]
I be out doley
Roll tide, shoutout Bryce, it’s a nine on me
Never mind that, I’m tryna keep the vibe normal
But all these eyes on me
These OnlyFans bitches send me for your eyes only pictures, y’all do not know me
Y’all cannot hold me
I acknowledge everyone, we just not homies
And that go for everyone and that’s how I’m goin’
One deep, nothin’ sweet, ain’t no Zack Cody

I mean, you know the rules of the game
That’s what I’m sayin’
I mean, your bitch just chose me
Am I cool?
Now, we can settle this like you got some class or we can get it to some gangster shit

[Verse 2]
See, you see, I’m that cozy
Everybody sayin’, “Twin,” can’t nobody clone me
And everybody fake friends, everybody lonely
And everybody ain’t him, I’m the one and only
They ain’t got the flows for me
Enough hoes with ’em to discuss hoes with me
They gotta do a show with some more joints in it
No empty rows in it
They gon’ have the door scorchin’ like a fuckin’ toaster oven, yeah
Uh, let go of your ego, beloved
When you go where we go, no, these hoes don’t want it
Don’t be social much, but I don’t geek for the public
Everybody goin’ Greece, you like it’s Mykonos in summer
Uh, Loewe cover my retina
Yeah, it’s midnight, but I’m simply blockin’ et ceteras
Et cetera, et cetera, been poppin’ forever, look
Feel like Devin Booker, my sons winning, this what it took
I been goin’ through it lately
Nobody give a shit but wanna know more lately
Uh, damn, I been more alone lately
It’s no coincidence, been sayin’, “No more” lately
Yeah, see, I’m selfish but never pretentious
It’s not potential in the friendship that come with intentions
I fee like, like, like I’m— What’s the name of that Frenchman?
Bitch, I’m out here with the wolves, I’m very defensive
I’m everything ’round the way, the greatest foreverer
I carry the beltway like I’m ‘fraid of suspenders
Can take it however they be thinkin’, don’t play with my temper
Don’t aim for your temple, John Chaney if you say it’s impressive (Ha)
Mm, let’s just say it’s too late for Excedrin
Yeah, I’m just sayin’, I’m sayin’, I’m sayin’
Stick yourself, stick yourself, I stick to the paper
(Ain’t that some shit, for real? Okay)

Max Julien
Back to back Maybachs, who knew our shit’d be super tinted?
I’m tryna show love, but niggas loyal to a limit
Relax, y’all know I’m weird, but niggas super weird
So I ain’t goin’ over there

Don’t worry ’bout what we doin’
Just know we doin’ it

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