G Herbo – “Funk Flex Freestyle” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

G Herbo - Funk Flex Freestyle

G Herbo unveils the visual for His own “Funk Flex Freestyle”. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the piece.

G Herbo Funk Flex Freestyle
G Herbo Funk Flex Freestyle

G Herbo – Funk Flex Freestyle


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Used to wake up like I had school in the morning been dropped out
40 Smith & Wesson plus the stick pop out
Middle of the block probably waiting on Roc til his shift clock out
Chico on the chase his Glock out
Vito on the gate middle of 8
Blizz probably on the 5 gone off drank
Fazo on the way you can get knocked out
Spit real shit cause they feel me
Big dog shit can’t lil’ me
Since 15 niggas tryna kill me
Mom’s lived on the opps block like literally
Every second count going home I couldn’t get locked out
Had to go home with my shit cocked out
If you want something gotta change it yourself so I moved mom and went got a wrist watch ouch
I got choppers and 50’s in my couch
I got that 30 everyday I pop out
I’m seeing something you know it’s a bow
I see the police I don’t go that route
‘Member police was chasing me down
People profile me racially now
Walk in the airport they hating me now
Right after land put my face in the loud
I hit them states and see all these faces I appreciate every face in the crowd
I been through situations and never seen none of it taking me down
Never seen none of it bringing me under
It ain’t do nothing but beast my hunger
Let off a .40 it sound like thunder
Free all my brothers
And I used to get wild with my niggas
Let off rounds with my niggas
Went to trial with my niggas
And I’m in the kitchen not with the dishes
Neck on water not with the fishes
90 percent of these niggas bitches
Them and they homies need interventions, uh
I made it out the streets because I listen, uh
90 on my pendents them bitches glisten, uh
Can’t go with you it’s risky, uh
But if it’s real then come get me and I’ll assist you, uh

I done been through so much shit that I barely get excited
Sugercoat my lifestyle cause I’m scared to get indicted
Roll a spiff light it
Thinking ’bout my life and pray to god my son never gotta get as high as I did
Gotta be a role model now to the shorties cause I used to be like I don’t give a fuck them ain’t my kids
Now I’m doing better in life, it’s whatever
I might buy a 20,000 dollar sweater tonight
I put bagets on my ‘lil one
He don’t gotta bang he can live off pops name I had respect since a ‘lil one
Hit em’ with a left then a right bet he feel one
More then 2 niggas disrespect me I might kill one
Fewer rappers going hard and im still one
Thought I lost pussy gave in and I still won
Eleven I was totin’ on pellets, bebes, paintballs, 14 I said I need a real gun

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