Giveon – Time (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-09-28

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American singer-songwriter, Giveon unveils the “Time” track from the Motion Picture “Amsterdam”. The piece of new music was co-produced by Jahaan Sweet & Daniel Pemberton.

Giveon Time

Giveon Time

First reported on September 16, 2022, as the end-credit theme for the upcoming mystery film, Amsterdam. Along with being the lead single from the official soundtrack, it marks the second time GIVĒON and Drake have collaborated, the first being “Chicago Freestyle” in 2020.

It was revealed that film scorer Daniel Pemberton and producer Matthew Budman reached out to Drake, who in turn contacted GIVĒON as the performer.

In a press release, GIVĒON shared:

The depth and timeless feel of the record, as well as the incredible cast of talented actors starring in the movie immediately made me gravitate towards the film. I grew up listening and studying Frank Sinatra’s music, so I was excited to convey my admiration while channeling the feel of this film through that sound. Being a part of this incredible record has granted me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone.

Drake added:

Loved working with this talented group and honored to help create something special and original for this meaningful film.

Pemberton said:

I’m thrilled to have worked on a song with Drake and Giveon for Amsterdam not only because they are great artists but also because we have created something that fully completes the musical journey of the film utilizing both the themes from the score as well as lyrics that speak to one of the central ideals behind the story. I am very excited for everyone to hear what we’ve done.

Giveon – Time (From the Motion Picture “Amsterdam”) (prod. Jahaan Sweet & Daniel Pemberton)


[Verse 1]
The time
We had together
A time
When all things were better
All of those moments
May have gone too soon
They meant so much

I never knew
For only now
Can I truly see
How much that time with you
That time shaped me
So even though
I was unaware

I wanna say thank you
For the time we shared

[Verse 3]
The time
When all things were better
Will stay with me
For as long as I remember
So much I have done
Has withered away
But never these memories
I cherish today

How could I have known
Just how strong they could be?
They changed my life
In ways I can’t believe
In those moments
We’ll stay forever

And so I thank you
For the time we had together

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