Iann Dior premieres new “You Don’t Even” track (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-09-15

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American rapper and singer, Iann Dior releases new “You Don’t Even” track produced by Federico Vindver & Jacob Kasher. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the soing, mp3 download.

American rapper and singer, Iann Dior, has dropped a new track titled “You Don’t Even.” This song is produced by Federico Vindver and Jacob Kasher.

In “You Don’t Even,” Iann Dior continues to explore themes of heartbreak and loneliness. The lyrics convey the pain of missing someone deeply while feeling like that person doesn’t care about losing him. Lines like “Ain’t been okay since you went away, yeah / Now, every day, it feels like it’s raining / Strangers to lovers, lovers to strangers” capture the emotional depth of the track.

Iann Dior has established himself in the emo rap genre, and this song maintains his signature style. However, it also raises questions about the evolution of his sound and whether he’ll continue to resonate with his fanbase. With his next project, “LI$TEN TO THE $ILENCE,” on the horizon, there’s potential for him to explore new musical territories and leave a lasting impact.

What are your thoughts on “You Don’t Even” and Iann Dior’s musical direction? Do you think he’ll surprise his audience with his upcoming project? Share your opinions on his latest track and his best work so far.

Iann Dior – You Don’t Even (prod. Federico Vindver & Jacob Kasher)

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