Illbliss & Illgod – “Port Harcourt” (ft. Dr Barz, Timi Kei & Spaceman) [Audio, Lyrics]

Illbliss & Illgod - Port Harcourt (ft. Dr Barz, Timi Kei & Spaceman) (prod. Illgod)

Off the ep, ‘Fortem’ by Illbliss & Illgod, is the Illgod-produced song, “Port Harcourt” featuring Dr Barz, Timi Kei & Spaceman.

Illbliss & Illgod Port Harcourt
Illbliss & Illgod Port Harcourt

Illbliss & Illgod – Port Harcourt (ft. Dr Barz, Timi Kei & Spaceman) (prod. Illgod)


[Hook: Illbliss]
Respect the boys from Port Harcourt

Illy Chapo, Illgod and the whole PH
Too many dope lyricists in PH
Bole and fish in PH
Born in Coal City but I’m flexing in PH

[Verse 1: Dr. Barz]
I’m from a militant state that the military hates
That the industry continuously be trying to negate
Every effort, every record, every artist, every second but abobbi see no shaking, you and us no be mate (Wait)
And if you do not really relate
— with these lyrics I’m giving then homie, can I just state
That Rivers residents really get written off in the city of Lagos off and it’s really screwing up anyway
I spit life boy, even when abobbi is dead honest
If you ain’t listen, you will get punished
‘Cause we’re the damn finest rare talents when it comes to blast furnace
You don’t believe, we’ll leave you astonished
Nigga acknowledge or better yet man, you can ask Knowledge
PH City’s where you can find us
Man and you can’t silence our talents just because you can’t sign us
Forget it nigga get some Alzheimer’s
You dig?

[Verse 2: Timi Kei]
Yo, it’s to God be the glory like when a Nollywood flick ends
For changing the story from Kori and getting stipends
From jolly good rich friends, to creating systems with persistence that educate and elevate the sistrens, and empower my brothers
Cannon cameras cover
Commonly called crude, cause callous cowards can’t covet
The calibre is high as the heavens, you can’t top it
The land is rugged
Preparing the greatest for destiny
I prefer it to faking celebrity
They get jealous and hate on the energy
I’m bathing in empathy while I’m making some memories
Blessed to get to choose how they’d remember me
They’re expecting a saint singing psalms like Kanye’s son
I’m paving the way and building bridges like I’m Nyesom
Sparking a renaissance from Coal City to the Treasure Base
The pressures these fellas face helped us demonstrate why in several ways you’ll respect the boys from Port Harcourt!

[Verse 3: Illgod]
Pay attention or def is it if you don’t [death is it, deaf is it, deficit]—listen
This a—requisite if you’re gon’
Be breathing and breeding in the days to come
We’re like coronavirus—that form o’ virus defacing lungs
With flaming tongues and vapors brung
And not that THC
Ayo we’re PH, see to guard your steps
If you’re dealing with the mine and slug
Man, you’re bathed in aqua regia;
The Midas touch until your minds erupt and there the plot thickens
The block reeks with
—broken bottles and local rappers
The type you’ll rap with and haffi delete your vocals after
Your gab is vapid adapted to quick provoke a laughter
And carnage happens to farthest targets beneath our cloak apparels
We been in the streets and snake charming
And make of em a flayed garment ‘fore the Jakes chime in
You’ll turn a strain, if you leaf mimic
Think you’re a class act, betcha fail your scene quickly

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