Jada Kingdom Claps Back at Stefflon Don with “London Bed”

Date 2024-01-10

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Jada Kingdom unveils the new “London Bed” track replying Stefflon Don’s Dat A Dat diss. Listen, stream the piece of music.

2024 has kicked off with a bang in the dancehall scene as two of its most exciting voices, Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don, are embroiled in a heated exchange. The drama began when Stefflon Don dropped “Dat A Dat,” a diss track produced by Rvssian. Not one to back down, Jada Kingdom responded with her own diss track, “London Bed,” which is now available for streaming.

Jada Kingdom London Bed

Jada Kingdom London Bed

The STAR, a popular Jamaican news source, was one of the first to report on this exchange. One of the shots fired by Don includes the line, “Dem man full a gyal like down a dovecot / You too beggy beggy you naa ambition.” The reason behind this clash is not entirely clear, but Clash, another news source, suggests it might have something to do with Burna Boy, who is Stefflon’s ex-partner and was seen in public with Jada Kingdom.

Despite the surprise of this beef, given that Jada and Stefflon were never particularly close but were on good terms, fans are eagerly tuning in to hear the two artists spit aggressively. The STAR highlighted some bars from “London Bed,” where Jada raps, “Buss a move an meet mi anyweh, you coward like puss yu nu bad from noweh.” The publication reported that Jada’s response was driven by her “respect and for the culture.”

As we wait for more to unfold from this situation, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this brand-new single and diss track, “London Bed,” by Jada Kingdom. Do you think it’s a more ruthless diss compared to Stefflon Don’s “Dat A Dat?” Could this beef have started when Jada was photographed with Stefflon’s ex, Burna Boy? Whose music do you listen to more regularly? We’re all ears for your take on this unfolding drama.

Jada Kingdom – London Bed


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