Jarren Benton – Savage In The Sanctuary (ft. SwizZz) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-06-21

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Jarren Benton Savage In The Sanctuary

Jarren Benton Savage In The Sanctuary

Things were far more simple during the Funk Volume era. The label has since been disbanded, though, within their eight years, they never compromised their skillset as MCs. The roster was filled with elite MCs who emphasized the craftsmanship of rapping and truly prided themselves on that.

Though Funk Volume is defunct, that doesn’t mean that members of the roster don’t have a tight-knit relationship. This week, Jarren Benton and SwizZz returned with their latest record, “Savage In The Sanctuary.” Over grim and heavy piano-based production, Jarren Benton and Swizz go off on this record and continue to prove that their chemistry on wax hasn’t been strained in the least.

Jarren Benton – Savage In The Sanctuary (ft. SwizZz)

Quotable Lyrics
To rid of my demons, I might need a whole lot of sage
Nail in the coffin, these n***as can’t crawl out they graves
Only love when it’s ashes to ashes
Get the roses when they close the casket
See all my scars, n***as know I don’t mask it

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