Kay Bandz – Switch Locations (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-10-26

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Watch the official music video for the new “Switch Locations” piece of music by Kay Bandz. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

Kay Bandz Switch Locations

Kay Bandz Switch Locations

Montreal’s Kay Bandz is living the good life on his latest single, “Switch Locations.” The Canadian rapper shared his new single earlier this month, along with a tropical-inspired visual. Everything about the track brings a sense of opulence, from the airy auto-tune inflected melodies to the harp-laden production, as Bandz reflects on his rise to glory. The music video for the single captures the essence of the song. The Montreal-based artist is seen in a California mansion with beautiful women in his swimming pool and diamonds dancing off of his neck.

“Switch Locations” marks the latest in Bandz’s 2022 run which includes singles like “In My Zone” and “Ready For The Streets.” He also linked up with Enima on “NHN” in September.

Though he hasn’t dropped a full body of work since 2020’s Mercury: The Messenger, he’s provided fans with a slew of music to hold them over until his next album.

Kay Bandz – Switch Locations


Lemme introduce my skinny ass to y’all new niggas
Getting money be my man, I be who is you nigga
Matter of fact… go and tell your bitch I sed I chew niggas
So she can come and bless this young p like what’d do nigga
Bitches know I can’t comprehend if you ain’t talking dough
Niggas know brody shoot like Kobe ain’t no passes bro watch him go
Crop him in his picture, make it four by four
If u talking sickest beat sticks like Geronimo
Hey man, fuck her back, I’m getting to dis finances
Hate y’all back, buckle up bitches with your fine asses
Spankin’ den I’m on to the next like it’s march madness shit is tragic
R’mber when I ball did it with a passion damn eh
Now I’m really getting to this grappling
Ain’t gon’ play time just be ticking
Ain’t no time to waste
Shit niggas gay my name all in their mouth wondering how it taste
And if you wonderin’ how it taste
I bet your bitch gon say it’s great
Damn ay! Sorry for your loss
Leader of the list dats two lls
Cos boy if you were a dog
Dat mean I’ma beast
I’m feeling feast eat or get eh
But nigga I’m gon’ eat
Kai dis ‘n Kai dat
You broke nigga cos talk is cheap
Ay ay wassup with being friends (who’s poppin)
Man I love dat old nigga
That’s dat big bank dem honest boy
Like it’s nothing, I be really thumbing boy
I’m running boy never from no op to dis money boy
So what’d do and nigga who is you
Yeah I be stuck up in a booth sippin’ on a juice
Man rolly wood
All my niggas rockin’ yeah
Dey ain’t know what’s good
We locked in
Brodas by my side just like hot twins
We going ay ay
Man I be flowing
Hate niggas actin’ like dis bitches y’all be whoring eh
Bus a day
You niggas shooting you’re ain’t burst a grape
I’m feeling great, feeling like a boss
When y’all can’t relate
It’s kinda sad
‘Cause y’all be doing bad
And everybody claiming they did it
Nigga real bad, not me
Five secs, it is not sweet
‘Cause I ain’t marching on no boofs that is not lit

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