Kay Flock – DOA (ft. Set Da Trend) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-09-13

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American rapper, Kay Flock unveils the new “DOA” track with Set Da Trend The new song was produced by Struis & Maniac Beatz.

Kay Flock Doa

Kay Flock Doa

Kay Flock has remained remarkably prolific for an imprisoned man. Back in December of last year, Flock was arrested for the murder of a 24-year-old, and the Bronx rapper has been busy fighting the case ever since. But even with these legal woes, Flock has been releasing a number of singles, including the Fivio Foreign collab “Make A Movie” and “Brotherly Love (Pt. 2)” with B-Lovee.

Now, Kay is back with “DOA,” a new single featuring Set Da Trend. The track is under two minutes in length, but Kay clearly has a lot to say. The 19-year-old rapper calls out Sha Gz for talking trash about him and Dougie B. “If you ridin’ with them, then you getting tapped,” Kay growls.

Set Da Trend tries to out-growl Kay, getting even raspier and more aggressive with his delivery. His verse only heightens Kay’s claims, further threatening Sha and claiming he can “start throwing bullets like a pitcher.” Kay Flock returns with a last word, and Trend trades a few more bars with him before the song finishes. Behind the two young rappers is instrumental as ominous as their lyrics.

Kay Flock – DOA (ft. Set Da Trend) (prod. Struis & Maniac Beatz)


[Intro: Kay Flock & Set Da Trend]
Like, grrah-grrah

[Verse 1: Kay Flock]
Be yourself and stay up in ya’ lane (Lane)
Why you runnin’? I ain’t even flame
Shoot wit’ double hands, that’s how I got my aim
Eli got shot, he walkin’ wit’ a cane (Cane)
And Sha Gz keep mentionin’ my name (Like, huh?)
When you see me, nigga, you better flame, like
And you said Dougie B gon’ get murdered?
That’s my brother, I’m uppin’ that thang
DOA, I’ma geek on the track (Bitch)
EBK, I’ma leave it like that, like (Like that)
Everything dead, I ain’t givin’ no dap (Bitch)
If you ridin’ wit’ ’em them, then you getting tapped (Like, grrah)
And they like, “Kay, he kinda cool” (Cool)
Niggas pussy, nigga, we ain’t cool
Niggas smokin’ wit’ niggas who smokin’ my mans?
That’s on bro, I’m uppin’ on him too (Grrah, grrah)
Niggas politickin’, they be fake (Fake)
Wanna talk, then fuck up out my face
My chop’ getting up, fuck who in the way (Like, what?)
Get up wit’ me if you feel a way
Or I get up wit’ you nigga, either way (Where you at?)
Done talkin’, bitch it’s EBK (Like, huh?)
700, bitch, it’s DOA
When you see me, nigga, word to Blay

[Verse 2: Set Da Trend]
Speak on the dead, no takin’ it back (What?)
I be buggin’, I’m quick to attack (Damn)
I can’t go out like Lotti or Matt (What?)
Keep a pole, brodie told me, “Don’t lack”
Mula keep shootin’, leave ’em on the pavement (Baow)
I can’t talk about that situation
Pop me a Perky, got me elevated
They like, “YB, you different”
Run down, watch me get to clickin’
I start throwin’ bullets like a pitcher
Lotti, he dead, spin through the Hav (Gang)
I’m tryna shoot it, aim it at his face
Too many opps livin’ up, it’s a shame
Sha Gz got beat, where the fuck was your gang?
Two sleez slide up wit’ the stick, let it bang (Grrah, wit’ the stick, let it bang, like, wit’ the stick, let it—)

[Verse 3: Kay Flock & Set Da Trend]
On court, actin’ bad wit’ a deucey (Deucey)
Talkin’ hot, you get burned like a loosie
After loosie, get schooled wit’ this toolie
Baba, she lined him, tricked him, he a foolie
Totin’ guns, ain’t talkin’ Call of Duty (Grrah)
Wet him up, ain’t talkin’ no jacuzzi (Grrah)
Mr. Make-A-Movie, leave ’em gooey (Grrah, grrah)
You gon’ hold the stick or you gon’ boom it? (Grrah-grrah, boom)


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