Kith Drops Music Video for “Last Stop” Featuring Cam’ron & Swizz Beatz

Date 2024-02-08

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Kith unveils the official music video for the “Last Stop” track which features Cam’ron & Swizz Beatz. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Music sensation Kith has unveiled the official music video for the track “Last Stop”, featuring renowned artists Cam’ron and Swizz Beatz. The track showcases Kith’s unique sound, blending seamlessly with the distinctive styles of Cam’ron and Swizz Beatz.

Kith Last Stop

Kith Last Stop

“Last Stop” is a testament to the musical prowess of all three artists, offering listeners a captivating blend of rhythm and lyrics. The music video enhances the track’s appeal, providing a visual narrative that perfectly complements the audio.

Kith, known for his innovative approach to music, continues to captivate audiences with his releases. The collaboration with Cam’ron and Swizz Beatz on “Last Stop” further cements his status in the music industry.

The track is available for streaming and purchase. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Kith’s music, “Last Stop” is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Stay tuned to MPmania for the latest music updates and remember, keep vibing to the sounds of Kith, Cam’ron, and Swizz Beatz!

Kith – Last Stop (ft. Cam’ron & Swizz Beatz)

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February 5, 2024
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2024 Kith / GoodTalk

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Swizzie what up nigga
We ain’t do this in a minute, let’s have a little fun nigga cmon

It’s the kid that be ducking all the award shows (yup)
For the Oscars I might go in my wardrobe
I been looking, a lot y’all getting floor close
Me I got a crib that’s just foreclosed

Got room of sneakers what I want is just some fellas to bare from his old watch
The kitchen is ch-ch-chinchillas
I mean I could go on about the car notes and the villas
And the girls and the cars or how I grew up with the killas
If you with I’m with it (with it)
Let’s get it let’s get it (get it)
I don’t pump fake baby I spin on my pivot
Looking at some exquisite, I don’t just talk it I live it
You could do the shofar or ride with the hawk in the civic you choose

She a stewardess talking to me fly
Saying she just back from Jamaica and Dubai
I’m like you basic and you dry
Your makeup say Devry
And don’t fool yourself, you’re just a waitress in the sky

Let’s talk about it (yea)
You gon ask me you need a refill or, put your chair away
Please, put on your seatbelt
Whole time she smiling she just staring at my retail
Gave the girl my email, here go the details

He took her on vacation (huh?), I took her to my mothers house
He went to the Bahamas (Bahamas?), I hit it on my mothers couch
Brought her friend with her, watch em eat each other out
The way I fucked her face man she gon need another mouth huh

For life trenches y’all
Yea I’m from the trenches y’all
Right off of Lennox y’all
You know I had to mention y’all
Got a different agenda y’all
From ’91 to ’96 I was on the benches y’all was crack inside the tennis ball

Shit I broke day, served nights
Dirt bikes we was up and down the turnpike
Word life with 3 niggas on they 3rd strike
I’m Mike Tyson, no I did them birds right

Y’all better be real, meetings in Beverly Hills
Looking 9 months me and Murda at 70 mil (yup)
Is what it is I never cared how you felt or feel (nope)
I’m so ill, I give myself the chills (brr)
On a evening with Jerry Mozima (yup), Rony Fee, Josh Apparel all said I’m a winner, thanks
But I know this I’m ready for dinner
I get it some of the winter forgot I help you remember

I sold liquor, sold cologne, sold more clothes (I did)
Sold records, sold crack, I sold dog hoes (what else?)
Sold horsepower, now I’m doing sport shows
Outside the sports bar, V stay in sports mode, huh
Different leader, same habits
I know I’m what you want but you can’t have it (nah)
You got bad habits, me I’m a bank magnet
And the coupe roof missing like Frank Mathis

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