DaBaby’s 2024 “Reintroduction” freestyle: A New Era of Hip-Hop

Date 2024-02-10

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DaBaby premieres the music video for the Just Blaze-produced “REINTRODUCTION” Freestyle track. Read the lyrics to the new song.

In the world of hip-hop, reinvention is key. For Cleveland-born rapper DaBaby, 2024 marks a year of transformation. Known for his distinctive flow and familiar beats, DaBaby has faced criticism in recent years for being one-dimensional. However, the rapper is set to challenge these narratives with his latest freestyle, “REINTRODUCTION”.

Dababy Reintroduction

Dababy Reintroduction

Cleveland-born rapper DaBaby is set to redefine his musical identity in 2024. Over the past couple of years, the consensus among critics and fans alike has been that DaBaby’s music is one-dimensional, with his flows and beats often sounding too familiar. Despite this, if you’re more than just a casual hip-hop fan, you’d know that DaBaby has been consistently delivering killer freestyles. In fact, 2023 was an exceptional year for him in this regard.

A Fresh Start with “REINTRODUCTION (Freestyle)”

Kicking off 2024, DaBaby has dropped another fire freestyle, aptly titled “REINTRODUCTION (Freestyle)”. The first line of the first verse, “Allow me to reintroduce myself, n****, it’s Kirk,” sets the tone for what’s to come. Before the freestyle begins, DaBaby makes a bold claim, stating that he is the best rapper right now.

A Nod to the Legends

If the line and beat sound familiar, it’s because he’s rapping over JAY-Z’s “PSA” from The Black Album. This choice might be more than just a musical decision. In an interview with Shannon Sharpe, DaBaby expressed that his version of “Jail” from Kanye West’s Donda was better than Hova’s. While this might be speculation, DaBaby could be making a statement by rapping over the New York legend’s song.

Looking Forward

These narratives about DaBaby’s music are likely to continue until he drops a project with a widespread release. However, with the release of “REINTRODUCTION (Freestyle)”, DaBaby is already challenging these narratives and setting the stage for a fresh start in 2024.

Stay tuned to MPmania for the latest updates on DaBaby’s musical journey and remember, keep vibing to the sounds of hip-hop!

DaBaby – REINTRODUCTION (Freestyle) (prod. Just Blaze)

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You know what I’m sayin’, nigga? Best motherfuckin’ rapper, nigga, I’m telling you, nigga
Believe that, let’s go
Yeah, niggas gon’ have to show me anyway
You know, they got to
I’m back smilin’, I’m back lookin’ good
Ooh, I smell— I been smellin’ good, you know what I’m sayin’?
My skin clear, dram, I’ma come like this
I really wanna do, like, twelve of ’em just to show niggas
You know, niggas can’t fuck with me, I’ma come like this

[Verse 1]
Allow me to reintroduce myself, nigga, it’s Kirk
And I’m finna stop letting niggas call me that baby shit
My brother killed except in 2020, mama gave me birth in 1986
She greatly miss
2019, hit the rap game and finally made a hit
She told me come and put a baby in her and she gave me kiss, I saved the bitch
Baby one of them amazing type of niggas, regular-ass niggas can’t be this
Regular-ass niggas can’t be me
She gave me Renni, gotta thank Mimi
She gave me Nova, gotta thank Lil’ Queeze
She gave [?], gotta thank Danielle
I’m nothing like these niggas, can’t you tell?
I know exactly what you think, “He hell”
And with all due respect, I’m checkin’ for the competition
Ain’t neglectin’ me [?] the opposition
Even checked them niggas about how they did me
Everybody ‘cept for Boosie, 50 Cent and Dave Chapelle
Ain’t none of them niggas I helped get ’em Billboard helped me out and raised they hand
But fuck it, nigga, I ain’t trippin’
Lookin’ back, I wouldn’t have raised my hand neither
Now that I know that these niggas ain’t cut like me
With a shit my mouth made it easy, I’m
A product of North Carolina, nigga
Out of Charolette by the way of Cleveland
Born in ’91 up in Ohio
I just thought I’d give your ass a bio, nigga

Yeah, I’ma let you niggas cool off, soak that shit in
You know, that I just gave you real quick, you know what I mean?
And then, like I say, you know, Drama, you know I’m fuckin’ with this, you know I get to demonstrate, you know what I mean?
I done already made the hits, you know what I’m sayin’? So nigga ain’t really gotta chase the hits
You know, I made the hits, you know what I mean?
You know, we get to that when we get to that
You know what I mean? I’m tryna pop it, nigga
I wanna see who can fuck with me

[Verse 2]
Yeah, yeah, look
This shit ain’t nothin’, I kick this shit comfortably
I’m tryna see who can fuck with me
Yellow, black girls pull up, that bitch go—, you could call that bitch a bumblebee
And the type want my people be a boss, I don’t like niggas up under me
Other niggas, they be lame hatin’ on they brothers, but I learned the game and I run it
It’s fourth along in the rain and the wind blowin’, but I’ll make the play on punnet
My baba mamas look good with a wig on and they look the same in they bonnet
Yeah, I gotta pop it on ’em, put my daughters, your daddy be gettin’ it in
After this, I’m done bringin’ other mamas on my kids, they don’t want me mentionin’ them
And now name a rap nigga sicker than him
Then name a rap nigga realer
I live in my truth so I don’t got no fiction to give
These other rap niggas pitiful
Get in the booth and talk ’bout the shit that they did, and honestly, they never did it
They loudened the kids when I’m the one who actually did some body shit
I don’t get it, nigga
Yeah, hope you ain’t think it was over, bitch, this a Hova beat
Been carryin’ the load and they want problems on my soul
So go on my shoulders weak
Was supposed to speak
I walk in the room and mind my business, bet they gon’ notice me
I’m chosen, he one of them niggas’ god, take his hand and put over, we openly
Welcomin’ any nigga thinkin’ he could fuck with me
I’m humbly kickin’ these bitches out the spot ’cause I don’t want company
Go pray for me
I fucked up on happy life, that’s probably what they want from me
They consistently addin’ this bullshit media to my history
Y’all sick of me?
Media ain’t got choppers [?] yet
You can’t see your favorite rapper can’t fuck with me
You can’t tell you went and turned to a hater yet
I put the house on baby and I made a bet
You put the house on Kirk, we gon’ double up
And I can run circles ’round any nigga without autotune or a double cup ’cause I’m like that, nigga

The best motherfuckin’ rapper, nigga, any beat
Any era, nigga, any motherfuckin’ timeframe, nigga, I’m like that, nigga
You niggas ain’t me, I ain’t you niggas
Let’s go

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