KRS-One – True School (Audio, Lyrics)

KRS-One - True School (prod. DJ Jean Maron)

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Krs One True School
Krs One True School

KRS-One – True School (prod. DJ Jean Maron)

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[Produced by DJ Jean Maron]

Strictly hip hop – that’s what we’re dealing with here today
Feel this one more time, let’s go back around
Feel this, bump this in your ride
Let the stress off you, yeah
Bump this, leave the job in the back
Leave the school in the back

[Verse 1]
Listen to the stile awhile the KRS is giving you
I’m still repping, that’s a miracle
Me, I went from criminal all the way to spiritual
Now the people say ”yo, KRS, there’s no comparing you”
Original, down to my DNA, I’m lyrical
From the golden age hip hop is what I spit at you
I am the pinnacle, my level is so critical
Way before the metrics KRS was metaphysical
You gotta look at the fact that I still rap
Hip hop culture, I live that cause I built that
Others are still trapped, they’re looking like field rats
Using real raps to see where their next meals at
If they would only feel rap and not deal rap
Their whole style, man, they wouldn’t have to steal that
I stay fresh cause I’m hip hop, blessed cause I’m hip hop
Cops wanna stress cause I’m hip hop
Fuck a desk and a lunch break, cutting through that red tape
Temple of hip hop, that’s the escape
No cure for the headaches and the failures
I’m on that rastaman vibrations like Bob and the wailers
I teach my kids to be sailors
Cause the sea levels rising, you gonna see technical failures
How many times I gotta say it?
The dream of Dr. King, uh uh, nope, I won’t betray it
I’d rather make one righteous dollar on my level
Than make a million dollars spitting rhymes for the devil
We’re not coming here to dance, me come to MC
Many say I’m the greatest like Muhammad Ali
Some say I’m arrogant and egotistical and cocky
Cause when I flow they know they can’t stop me
So here’s another classic, blast it like a shotty
My recoil kick so hard it bumps your body
Me I’m the last of the dreaddy, the knotty
KRS One, I liven up any party
Me getting booed? Chewed? Screwed? Hardly
I’m spiritual minded, brother, I move godly
I got manners, when I sneeze I say pardon me
Twenty years rocking, I’m blessed, I got to be

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