Lil B – Pushing Peace (Audio, Lyrics)

Lil B - Pushing Peace (prod. Wheezy & Juke Wong)

Lil B is all for peace on the new “Pushing Peace” piece of music co-produced by Wheezy & Juke Wong. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Lil B Pushing Peace
Lil B Pushing Peace

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to unfold, reactions from the world have been pouring in. 32-year-old Lil B opted to express his feelings about the situation with a remix of Gunna’s “pushin P” which he titled “Pushing Peace.”

“STOP THE NEGATIVITY AND WAR!” the California-born rapper wrote on Twitter ahead of the track’s release on February 24th. “STOP IT NOW GOT DAMMIT! WE ARE HUMANS AND WE NEED MORE LOVE! STOP IT NOW! STOP THAT DAMN WAR!”

On the beat, Lil B raps, “Tell Russia that we need the peace (Damn) / Tell Ukraine that we need the peace / Stop all the hate in the streets / Stop the bloodshed out in these streets” – sentiments that have been echoed by others who are against President Vladamir Putin’s attacks on Ukraine on social media.

Over on YouTube, fans have been praising the artist for quickly using his platform to spread awareness. “When the world needs him, Lil B is always there. Lil B has better timing than your favourite superheroes,” one person wrote. Another added, “When the world needed him most, he returned.”


Lil B – Pushing Peace (prod. Wheezy & Juke Wong)


Yeah, yeah, yeah
It’s your boy Lil B

I’m pushing peace, I’m in the streets
So much war with the fuckin’ [?]
I’m pushing peace, I’m pushing peace
Yeah everybody know, it’s Lil B

They need the Based God, they say we need that peace
I know Lil B man, that’s Lil B
We pushing peace man, we pushing peace
It’s so much war out in the streets
Tell Russia that we need the peace (Damn)
Tell Ukraine that we need the peace
Stop all the hate in the streets
Stop the bloodshed out in these streets
It’s a war going, it’s a war going
It ain’t fair
Who gon’ be down to ride?
Who gon’ be there for me?
I ain’t ever scared, fuck ’em

‘Cause I’m pushing peace, pushing peace
So much war out in these streets
It’s Lil B, I’m pushing peace
I’m pushing peace

Tell ’em I said
Lil B 2022, I know y’all need me
You know what I’m saying
You know, all we rock with is flats
You dig?
Y’all fuckin’ with them wings down here
All we do is them flats
Like I said I know Lil B, I know the Based God
Let’s get it
It’s time to turn up a notch
Based World up, I’m pushing peace

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