Lil Candy Paint & Bhad Bhabie – 22 (remix) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-11-23

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Lil Candy Paint & Bhad Bhabie collaborate on the remix for the “22” song produced by ZvanZ. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Lil Candy Paint & Bhad Bhabie 22 (remix)

Lil Candy Paint & Bhad Bhabie 22 (remix)

Lil Candy Paint is not a name that most readers of the site will recognize, but you may have heard his voice floating over on TikTok in the last few weeks. Alongside Bhad Bhabie, LCP has one of the most viral songs of the year in “22,” which has been streamed nearly 4,000,000 times on Spotify. The remix has been celebrated by Bhad Bhabie fans, who have created a trend of showing celebrities (including Drake, Future, and even Elon Musk) before and after hearing her verse, showing them dressing more feminine and displaying some bad bitch energy.

For weeks, the remix was not available on streaming services — possibly because Bhad Bhabie admitted herself that she was not a fan of her verse. However, after seeing how millions have fallen in love with her flow, the track has earned an official release.

Lil Candy Paint & Bhad Bhabie – 22 (remix) (prod. ZvanZ)



[Chorus: Lil Candy Paint]
She havin’ deep thought, and I can see it
Everything that I say, know I mean it
Said “I love you,” just believe it
I hate it when we argue for no reason
Pourin’ up that cup, I think I’m drinkin’
I’m pourin’ up for nothin’, think I’m fiendin’
She goin’ off for nothin’, think I’m cheatin’
I can’t blame lil’ baby, I’m a demon

[Verse 1: Lil Candy Paint]
We out, I order Sprite and put codeine in it
But she don’t like that shit when I be ignorant
I’m pourin’ up the pint what you had spent on rent
If she don’t like her ass, then we fixin’ it
Hop in X6 twin-turbo, big as shit
My bitch bad and she boujee and she Snicker thick
Nigga tryna pluck twenty-two, we split his wig
You could try to try my bitch, but you ain’t gettin’ shit
You niggas desperate for my ho
I keep checkin’ on my ho
I ain’t never stressin’ on my ho
I count these backends with my ho
You be actin’ for your ho
You’ll get slapped in front of your ho
I can’t believe these jokes
Nigga dapped me up sayin’ “Bro”
Then tried to talk to my ho
But we ain’t stressin’ anything
It’s still purple everything
It’s still purple everything

[Verse 2: Bhad Bhabie]
Blowing up his phone, I know I’m trippin’ for no reason
He gon’ call it crazy, but I say I call it fiendin’
He don’t want no other ho’s ’cause that lil’ shit too easy
Know I talk a lot of shit, but he know I don’t mean it
My big bro say I’m trippin’, but I got a hundred reasons
One hundred fuckin’ reasons, I’m never ever leavin’
Nope, I ain’t leavin’
Even if we ain’t speakin’
And if we ain’t speakin’, you know I’ma be tweakin’
Need a real bitch, I ain’t nothin’ like these groupie ho’s
Nothin’ like these bitches sittin’ front row at your fuckin’ shows
He need him a real one, somethin’ to make him feel some
I know I ain’t tripping man, about you I might kill some
(Yeah) Kill some, fuck it, yeah, drill some
Make one call, he’ll still come ’cause I make him feel some
Yeah, feel some, feel some
This lil’ somethin’ different, swear to God it make him feel numb

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