Lil Dicky – We Good (ft. GaTa) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-12-28

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Lil Dicky unveils the song, “We Good” with GaTa, from the TV show – Dave. The track was produced by Jack & Henry & benny blanco. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Lil Dicky We Good

Lil Dicky We Good

Spoiler Alert: Lil Dicky’s FXX comedy series Dave, which wrapped up its second season in August, has captivated an audience of hip-hop lovers and comedy enthusiasts. As he perfectly blends drama and hilarity, Dicky’s season 2 finale closed off an epic journey for the main character Dave, inspired by Dicky, and his hype man GaTa, who is Dicky’s hype man in real life.

The episode ends with the duo performing their collaborative song “We Good” together in an emotional reunion. While the song works best in the confines and context of the show, fans loved it so much that Dicky decided to reward their passion by dropping it on streaming platforms on Christmas Eve, even though he is Jewish.

In the finale, we only get to hear GaTa and Dicky’s back-and-forth opening verse, the first rendition of the hook and half of the second verse. But, on the official version, they include the end of the second verse, which sandwiches an additional rendition of the chorus along with a third verse.

As the song goes on, the Dicky and GaTa establish more chemistry, and comedic tones from the show start to show more and more. Fans will surely appreciate this Christmas gift from Lil Dicky, as it brings back the rush of tearful joy that the last scene of Dave did.

Lil Dicky – We Good (ft. GaTa) (prod. Jack & Henry & benny blanco)


[Verse 1: GaTa & Lil Dicky]
They tried to tell me I was going cray
I been broke but had no breaks
They hear my dreams, they like: “no way”
I don’t change even when I’m in my own way
You good, bro?
I don’t treat my friends right
Fuck it if I’m wrong, if my pen write
You good, bro
Always looking for an angle ’til I’m square though
I’m not always right over here, bro
You good, bro
We do the worst to become first
You know the deal, baby, love hurts
Just keep it real with me, no turf
All good homie, what the fuck are friends for?
Ay, ay, ay, ay
(Hands up, I need everybody in this bitch to put they motherfuckin’ hands up, right now)
Ay, ay, ay, ay

[Chorus: Lil Dicky]
We good, so good that it hurts so bad (Woo)
I’m sorry if it’s making you mad (Ay, ay, ay)
You mad, huh? Stop playing, huh
Ain’t no doubt about it, we good

[Verse 2: Lil Dicky & GaTa]
Now it’s off the rip (Hey)
Looking like a motherfucker, can’t tell me shit
Hey, looking like I’m ’bout to live my dream, fuck a hit (Hey)
I’ma pack that motherfuckin’ video with my motherfuckin’ friends, ’cause
(We good) And we’re also DAVE
Whatchu’ do today? (Hm-hm) I ate in several ways
Oh, you was eatin’ good?
The pussy was gush
And the bitches all bad?
Wait a minute, GaTa, this song is about our friendship
My bad

[Chorus: Lil Dicky]
We good, so good that it hurts so bad
I’m sorry if it’s making you mad
You mad, huh? Stop playing, huh
Ain’t no doubt about it, we good

[Outro: GaTa & Lil Dicky]
Man, this shit crazy, LD
I was really ’bout to get that shit tatted on my face, man
That would’ve been a huge mistake, amigo
But I’m still rocking with ya
We’re alive at an undisclosed location because we are high profile
Talk your greasy shit, GaTa
Haha, you know we still gettin’ every dollar, grindin’ everyday my nigga
Haha, and what do we say to the haters and non-believers?
Thank you (We good)


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