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Lion Babe – Native New Yorker (Audio, Lyrics)

Lion Babe is here with “Native New Yorker”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Lion Babe Native New Yorker

Lion Babe Native New Yorker

R&B duo Lion Babe, consisting of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman, have been keeping fans waiting for a new project since the release of their 2019 album, Cosmic Wind. Thankfully, they didn’t abandon fans during the pandemic. If we weren’t getting an original cut from them, they’ve offered some incredible covers of some of their favorite songs. A few months back, they slid through with a cover of Mos Def’s “Umi Says” with a portion of the proceeds going towards NAACP Defense Legal Fund.

This week, they shared a brand new cover of Odyssey’s classic record, “Native New Yorker.” Goodman cooks up an uplifting vibe with the production, paying homage to the original with a refreshing twist for Hervey’s uber-soulful vocals.

Lion Babe – Native New Yorker


Running pretty, New York City girl, 25, 35
Hello baby, New York City girl

You grew up riding the subways running with people
Up in Harlem, down on Broadway
You’re no tramp but you’re no lady
Talking that street talk
You’re the heart and soul of New York City

Love is just a passing word
It’s the thought you had in a taxi cab
That got left on the curb
When he dropped you off at East 83rd

You’re a native New Yorker
You should know the score by now
You’re a native New Yorker

There you are, lost in the shadows
Searching for someone
To set you free from New York City

Where did all those yesterdays go
When you still believed
Love could really be like a Broadway show
You are the star, when did it close?

You’re a native New Yorker
No one opens the door
For a native New Yorker

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