LLNDN DRGS – Legend Of Zelda (ft. Boldy James) (Audio, Lyrics)

LLNDN DRGS - Legend Of Zelda (ft. Boldy James) (prrod. Sean House)

LLNDN DRGS is here with “Legend Of Zelda” featuring Boldy James. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Sean House.

Llndn Drgs Legend Of Zelda
Llndn Drgs Legend Of Zelda

It feels like things have been relatively quiet with Sean House and Jay Worthy’s collaborative side project LNDN DRGS but they’ve both have their plates full with other ventures. Worthy’s been on one hell of a run this year with the release of his solo project, and two collaborative joints — one with Shlomo, another with Harry Fraud.

LNDN DRGS is back at it again, though, with a new project set to drop this Friday. Worthy and House reconnect alongside Griselda’s Boldy James for their new record, “Legend Of Zelda.” Paying homage to the classic Nintendo game, the two rappers deliver some groovy vibes with laid-back, smoke-induced flows.

LLNDN DRGS – Legend Of Zelda (ft. Boldy James) (prrod. Sean House)


[Verse 1: Jay Worthy]
Earth, Wind on the airwaves
Cocoa butter and hairspray
I could see it in my dreams, the way she walk on the runway
Remember Crenshaw Rodeo
Go up on a Sunday
It was all fun and games until they came out with gunplay
It was hide and go get it ’til I marry you one day
Tell your mama I’m the one and if you will it, then okay
Smoking bidis with my eyes closed, listen for 5-0
Our enemies lurking in the city of rivals
I was just out of Oakland, that’s the home of the sideshow
On the east side [?] looking for Zelda
Why you tripping? You should never say that on a cellphone
Next day I’ll be in the cell doing the elbow
Like why did he tell for
It’s the life of the ghetto
Not the life of Gepetto
They be lying in their raps, I’ll be speaking the real from

[Verse 2: Boldy James]

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