Logic drops song “Check Please ” featuring C Dot Castro & T Man the Wizard (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-07-02

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Logic unveils another single, “Check Please” featuring C Dot Castro & T Man the Wizard. The piece of music was produced by 6ix & Gravez). Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Logic is an artist who has truly been bossing up as of late. Overall, the artist has been able to shake off some of the labels that have been thrust onto him over the years. Moreover, with his album College Park, he showed people that he is no one to mess with. Since then, he has been steadily dropping new singles, to great success. For instance, he came out with “Figure It Out” last week, which is an indie rock ballad that even contained some elements of neo-soul and r&b.

At this point, it is clear that whenever Logic drops a new track, it is going to be a deviation from his previous norm. That was exactly the case on his brand-new track “Check Please,” which was released late last night. Overall, this is a phenomenal new cut, and it just so happens to feature his longtime collaborator, C Dot Castro. The inclusion of Castro in this song is absolutely going to excite people. Not to mention, the song sees Logic and Castro at their most confident.

Firstly, the production on this song is menacing and immediately sets fans up for a banger. From there, C Dot Castro kicks off the song with a fire verse that eventually transitions into Logic’s part. The College Park artist then gives us a plethora of braggadocios bars that touch on a variety of topics. It all sounds absolutely fantastic, and it is hard not to love everything that is going on here.

Hopefully, we get more of this version of Logic, in the not-so-distant future. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this new track, in the comments section below.

Logic – Check Please (ft. C Dot Castro & T Man the Wizard) (prod. 6ix & Gravez)

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28 June 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Three Oh One Productions, LLC under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC


[Chorus: T Man The Wizard, C Dot Castro]
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (That paper)
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (Cash)
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (Crypto)
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (Ayy, check please)

[Verse 1: C Dot Castro]
Ice on my neck, make my neck freeze
You know I run the wave, no jetski’s
New bitch on me so sexy
Got me kind of glad that my ex-wife left me
Know I ball hard, you can catch me at the Espy’s
Sliding on my goals like I’m motherfucking Gretzky
Ayy, you know it’s on and popping like Pepsi
Ayy, you know it’s on and popping like, popping like

[Verse 2: Logic]
Uh, gra-ta-ta-ta, bitch I don’t give a fuck
Yeah, I’m sliding on this bitch, I never get stuck
Yeah, I got it on tuck, going dumb like that Nuck If You Buck
I pull up in a Maybach, then pull up the truck
Huh, you ain’t shit, you a cuck
I stay with ice, I might need me a puck
Bitch I got racks like my bank account Nordstrom
We talkin’ houses, with them I got four of ’em
More of ’em coming
They talkin’ that shit leave ’em done
And I’m stuntin’, I’m running this shit like a marathon
Used to hit the soup kitchen on Tuesdays
Now I be shopping at Erewhon
Yeah, I shine like a flare gun
Feeling fresh like I just got my hair done, like I just got my hair did
Boy, don’t sleep on my heritage (What’s that?)
Black man, black man, running from the police
Know we gotta make it out, never had a doubt
But the route wasn’t clear, needed somebody to show me
Who I am, what I be, life is in front of me
I don’t know how I do this shit everyday, it come to me
Really if it come to that, chain around my neck, that’s a hundred racks
Acting like you got it bitch you really need to run it back (Ah, yeah)
Ayy, how the fuck you finna buy a Rolex
But you ain’t paid yo’ taxes?
No less, man you got me so stressed
Young motherfuckers, want ’em all to win
Guess they know a lot more
Why you think the boy tryna reach ’em right now, fo?
Know you wanna flex, maybe paying all your debts might help you in the long run
Locked up for evasion, that’s a long one
(No I can’t take this shit no more, let’s go, let’s, let’s)

[Chorus: T Man The Wizard, C Dot Castro]
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (That paper)
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (Cash)
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (Crypto)
Let’s get this money, get that dough-o-o (Check please)

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