Lovejoy – “The Fall” (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-10-15

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Off the Pebble Brain project is Lovejoy’s “The Fall” song produced by Sam Coveney.

Lovejoy The Fall

Lovejoy The Fall

The Fall is the 6th track in Lovejoy’s second EP titled Pebble Brain.

The song is could be about a person experiencing depression and taking antidepressants, and their life in it. While ‘the fall’ could be the spiral, or fall, into depression.

By the end of the song, the narrator tries to fix themself, but it doesn’t end up working. This leads to the breakdown at the end, which could represent the narrator having a mental breakdown, of some sort.

Lovejoy – The Fall (prod. Sam Coveney)


[Verse 1]
Under the weight of a broken nose
It’s not that simple, but he won’t seem to notice
There must be more to this
So leave those sinker states and let’s book a holiday
We’re painting all the counties in blue
‘Cause we’re already boring, and we’re already hoarding
What else have we got left to accrue?

And the ramblers will say
“It’s got a marvelous view”
But we don’t know how many lives it took, no
Thеy’ll never know what you knew

And wе’re so calm, but we’re (Fucking scared, fucking scared)
And we’re so calm, but we’re (Fucking scared, fucking scared)
And we’re so calm, but we’re (Fucking scared, fucking scared)
And we’re so calm, but we’re fucking scared of people like you

[Verse 2]
Under the weight of some Sertraline
A couple Prozacs and now I’m pumping dopamine
There must be more to this
We’ve got a country house now, old dog has been put down now
Oh, it’s nice to be your entry
Custom licence plate on our Audi R8
How many grocers does one county need?

And the ramblers will say
“It’s still a marvellous view”
But the treadmill still loops
Your hedonic misuse

[Instrumental Break]

So come on, one and all and see the apathy
The reems of grey stencil that fills the tapestry
I look to all of you and see a different fucking species
Aspiration for a different destination to me
Across the Pennines there’s a thin blue line, a knife and a mall
I would do something if it wasn’t all so effortful
‘Cause I’m so high my brain can’t even look at the fall
And when you’ve reached the top, there’s nowhere else to go but—



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