M-Dot – Christmas Trippin (ft. Lateb) (Prod. By M-Dot) (Audio)

Date 2022-12-26

Category Foreign Music, New Music

M-Dot releases the self-produced “Christmas Trippin” track featuring Lateb. Listen, stream, buy the song, mp3 download.

M Dot Christmas Trippin

M Dot Christmas Trippin

Instrumentally, the track uses samples and a classic boom-bap drum loop to craft a straightforward but effective Christmas theme. Moreover, the bells are quite subtle, so it’s not like the festive nature of the song is overwhelming the instrumental. Also, the guitars cut through the mix the most clearly, so they distract listeners with its main melody. Ultimately, the instrumental fit snugly with the song’s lyrical themes and topics, which are the star of the show.

Furthermore, M-Dot and Lateb bring animated, engaging, and steady performances to this song. “Christmas Trippin” is full of holiday movie references, cheeky mentions of Christmas iconography, and a Bruce Willis shoutout. “I mean, Bruce Willis is Christmas,” the skit at the end proclaims, most likely referencing Die Hard. Still, it’s nerdy and playful in the best way. However, they don’t compromise on the lyrical side of things, with strong command of internal rhyme schemes and flows. While it’s very niche, it’s a perfectly fun listen for the festivities.

M-Dot – Christmas Trippin (ft. Lateb) (prod. M-Dot)

24 December 2022
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2022 Own Lane Music

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